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Icon-MM7.png Mega dragon Icon-MM7.png
Red dragon - MM VII.jpg
Hit Points: 1,300
Armor Class: 100
Damage: 16D8
Fly: Yes
Movement limit: Short
Speed: 300
Attack Speed: 60
AI type: Aggressive
Primary attack: Fire (ranged)
Attack bonus: Break armor
Experience: 11,000
Treasure: 400D10 gold
Hermes' Sandals
Fire: Immune
Air: 70
Water: 70
Earth: 70
Mind: 70
Spirit: 15
Body: Immune
Light: 30
Dark: 30
Physical: 70

The Mega dragon is a unique monster that appears in the Dragon Cave in Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor. He has the appearance and stats of a red dragon, but uses a ranged fire attack, dealing 16D8 damage, and is immune to fire and body attacks. His attack can break his target's armor.