The medusa is a second-level creature from the Asylum town in Heroes of Might and Magic IV.


Despite a disappointing growth rate, Medusae offer a lot of bang for the buck. Be careful not to lose them in combat.

The Stone Gaze ability belongs to the Death Magic school and is considered a curse. It has no effect on elementals, mechanicals, undead, illusions, and troglodytes. However, even a hero with Grandmaster Magic Resistance can be stoned by a large enough stack of medusae, so it is a rather powerful ability.

Not counting destructive magic, the medusa is Chaos' only effective source of ranged damage, so most players take them over minotaurs.

True to the nature of Chaos, The medusa's stone gaze ability adds an extra layer of unpredictability to combat in that after resolving damage, the gaze itself also destroys a random number of members of the target stack, based on their toughness and the damage dealt by the attack.

Abilities Edit

The Ranged ability allows this creature to attack enemies at a distance, but in melee combat this creature does half damage unless it has the Normal Melee ability.

This creature's Normal Melee means it doesn't suffer the melee combat damage penalty suffered by most ranged creatures.

Unlimited Shots assures that this creature never runs out of ammunition when making ranged attacks.

This creature's Stone Gaze attack has a chance (depending on the strength of the creature) of killing enemies instantly by turning them into stone. The Stone Gaze damaged is dealt even if the target blocked the normal attack.

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