Matewa is a character in Might & Magic: Heroes VI.


Trusted, if not religiously revered, by the warriors of his tribe, Matewa is young in years and ancient in wisdom. This Orc Shaman is said to have heard the angry voices of the ancestors in his fist infant dreams. Matewa had completed his initiatory dreamwalk by the age of six and wears no twisted or mutated marks from the experience, save a lightning-shaped scar that crosses his whole chest. A brilliant orator and clever joker, Matewa wields the wisdom of thousands of Orc warriors and hundreds of shaman storytellers. He often jests that he'll be rid of their complaining the day the Orcs rule all of Ashan.OffBck


Heroes VIEdit

Matewa is a Shaman.

Shades of DarknessEdit

Second Necropolis CampaignEdit
  • Faint Hope: In the side quest, revenge of the Beastmen he leads an army against a group of spectre, likely as revenge the for humiliation the Beastmen have suffered under the wizards. Vein has the option of defeating this army to rescue the specters. While it states after the rescue that the Beastmen have all been slain, it is unknown if this includes Matewa, given he is an orc and not a Beastmen.

Duel of ChampionsEdit

Main article: Matewa, Voice of Thunder

Matewa appears as a hero card. He is the leader of the Stronghold faction.


Matewa appears in Might & Magic: Heroes VI and Might & Magic: Duel of Champions.


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