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Masul is a character in Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer. He is the herd leader of the minotaurs of Ravage Roaming, and a member of the Alliance of Jadame.


Masul was the son of Balthazar, the greatest leader in the tribe's history, and became herd leader after his father's death. He lived in the town of Balthazar Lair.

The town was flooded during the Night of the Crystal, and Masul and many of his people were trapped by the rising waters. They would likely have drowned if the Hero of Jadame hadn't arrived. The hero opened the town's watertight siege doors, the waters drained away, and the minotaurs were freed. Masul thanked the hero for the rescue, and eagerly accepted an invitation to join the Alliance of Jadame.


Masul can be found in Balthazar Lair, and will join the Alliance of Jadame once the Rescue the Minotaurs quest is completed. After this, he can be found in the Merchant House in Ravenshore.

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