"Bohb the Archmage quests to reunite the five legendary items once worn by the greatest of archmages, Nevar. Each of the five items has long since been taken by five mages each of whom proclaims themself to be the Master of their magical college. Bohb must defeat them all to assemble Nevar's items and unlock their secret power."

Masters of Magic is the first campaign in the Heroes of Might and Magic IV expansion The Gathering Storm, and consists of five scenarios.

Bohb the Archmage searches for the five artifacts of Nevar, and sets out to defeat the powerful mages that possess them.

The five scenarios in order are:

  1. Isle of Pyre
  2. Slart's Fjord
  3. Lambent Plains
  4. Mt. Anon
  5. Mire of the Dead