Mastero is a sorcerer that acted as a minor antagonist in the Heroes IV campaign The True Blade. He was the imprisoner of the Swordbearer Sir Kentaine, and subsequently of the fabled True Gryphonheart blade.

Background[edit | edit source]

"Mastero always follows the path of least resistance, which is why he usually keeps a few servants around. If he can get someone else to do the job, he will. Even in battle, he has been known to let others soften up the enemy before he finishes them off and takes all the credit."

Sir Kentaine and the Gryphonheart Blade[edit | edit source]

Mastero was a sorcerer who dwelt somewhere north of Palaedra, in a territory that was most likely neutral. It is unknown whether he was native to the world of Axeoth, or arrived there from Enroth during the Reckoning.

After the cataclysm that claimed Enroth, Mastero managed to capture some refugees from the old world in his dungeons, most notably the Erathian Swordbearer Sir Kentaine (who at that moment was in possession of the True Gryphonheart blade, the symbol of authority of the ruling line in Erathia).

The loss of the sword facilitated Sir Kentaine's son, Sir Worton, to pose as the illegitimate son of King Nicolas Gryphonheart (the last Gryphonheart king of Erathia) in Palaedra, Erathia's Axeothian successor-nation.

In order to expose Sir Worton as a fraud, Lord Lysander, the leader of Palaedra, set on a quest to find the True Gryphonheart Blade (the blade's enchantment was the only means to determine whether an individual was of Gryphonheart descendacy); with the help of the Oracle of the Dawn and Sir Kentaine's wife, Lady Desette, he deduced the location where Kentaine was held prisoner.

Lysander sieged Mastero's dungeon, conquered it and freed Sir Kentaine, also retrieving the Blade. Mastero was thrown into his own prison, and it is unknown what happened to him after this.

In-game[edit | edit source]

Mastero is a level 30 pyromancer, with Grandmaster chaos magic, conjuration, pyromancy, sorcery, and tactics, and expert offense and defense.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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