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Lord Markham is a character in Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor. He arranges the scavenger hunt at the start of the game, and the party eventually win the title of Lords of Harmondale from him.


At some point in the past, Lord Markham served under Queen Catherine in a war, and was rewarded for his work with a vase. Like Norbert Thrush, he was a collector or rare historical items.

Lord Markham arranged a scavenger hunt on Emerald Island, with the prize being Castle Harmondale, his property in the Contested Lands. He claimed that "It breaks my heart to part with this property, but I feel that the time has come for me to give something back to the people."

In reality, Markham was eager to rid himself of the land, as it was the center of the conflict between AvLee and Erathia. He wrote in his diary that the group "accepted a territory I couldn't pay to have someone take."


Lord Markham gives the party the Find the missing contestants quest. Some of the contestants of the scavenger hunt have gone missing, and he wants to know what has happened to them.

Once the party completes the scavenger hunt, they must talk to Lord Markham to receive the deed to Castle Harmondale.

Norbert Thrush offers the optional Take Sealed Letter to Lord Markham quest, where he wants the party to bring a letter to Lord Markham in his manor, asking for the quill that was used to sign the treaty ending the Timber Wars. Completing the quest starts the Return Parson's Quill quest, where they must bring the quill to Norbert.

To promote thieves in the party to rogues, the party must seek out William Lasker in the Erathian Sewers and complete his quest to steal the vase from the Markham's manor.


Lord Markham appears only in Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor.

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