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Professor Marcus Finch is a character that appears in several of the short stories written by employees at New World Computing and published on The Nether Gods. He is part of the short stories Geography, Parallel world, Necromancy origin, Tales from the Swamps, and Kreegan reference.

Finch taught at the University of Erathia, and was a colleague of Xanthor. His creature knowledge was less extensive than Xanthor's, and geography was not his specialty.

In Tatalia[]

Finch accompanied Xanthor and his assistant Gregor when the two traveled to Tatalia. The guide Korbac was hired to lead them and their armed guard to the town of Stillbog, but on the way, they were attacked by a force of troglodytes, led by a medusa. Korbac managed to slay the medusa, and the surviving troglodytes fled.

Korbac then led them to Stillbog, but in the night, they were attacked by a warlock and his army of troglodytes, harpies, beholders, gorgons, and a manticore. Together, the forces of Tatalia and the armed escort of the Erathians managed to slay most of the monsters, and the warlock fled into the night. Most of the defenders perished, and others were injured - Finch had broken his wrist, and Gregor had a foot-long splinter through his thigh.

The group spent the day resting, and studying the strange creatures of Tatalia. The next morning, they traveled back to Erathia.