The mantis is a fourth-level creature of the Preserve town in Heroes of Might and Magic IV. It can be found at the Creature Portal, or the Mantis Nest external dwelling.

The mantis is extremely fast for a creature of its size, giving it the ability to attack an enemy before they can retaliate. It can also bind an enemy by grabbing them with a foreleg.OffBck

The mantis is the strongest creature at the Creature Portal. It is highly mobile, and can strike at the weakest creatures in the opposing army, but it is perhaps more useful when going after the strongest creatures, not only binding them in place, but also halving their damage.

It is, however, not as strong as some other fourth-level creatures, while being quite expensive. It can be overpowered, and using magic is a great way of removing it from the battlefield.

Abilities Edit


Flying allows this creature to fly over obstacles, creatures, heroes, and castle walls.


First Strike allows this creature to strike an opponent in melee combat before it can retaliate.


Binding allows the creature to Bind the last creature it attacks with its forelimbs. Bound enemies cannot move, though they can still attack, retaliate and cast spells. Bound creatures do half damage when they attack. If the attacking creature moves, the Binding is also removed.

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