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The maniac is a creature in Might & Magic: Heroes VI. It is a Core creature of the Inferno faction, and its upgraded version is the demented.

Maniacs are the spawns of Ur-Jubaal, the Demon Overlord of Madness. These demons are the spirits of the unbalanced, infuriated and unpredictable nature of Chaos. A true offspring of their creator, the Maniacs excel at spreading fear and panic. The Maniacs cry and shriek in pain when attacking, and laugh when wounded.OffBck


Living Living
Can be healed and resurrected. Susceptible to morale.OffBck
Fireproof Skin Fireproof Skin
Having adapted to the volcanic environment of their prison-world Sheogh, demons are 20% more resistant to Fire damage.OffBck
Vulnerability to Light Vulnerability to Light
Light spells which damage the living are empowered against undead and demons by 20%. Light spells which heal the living damage undead and demons.OffBck
Twisted Mind Twisted Mind
The Maniac’s sense of reasoning has crossed the normal boundaries of sanity. All forms of morality and logic have been abandoned and attempts to sap their morale or influence their mind find nothing but a multicolored mental wilderness. The Blind Brothers, who captured quite a few Maniacs during the 2nd Eclipse, say that explaining to a Maniac the reasons his violent behavior will lead him to a horrid death is like convincing a tree not to grow more bark for the winter.
The creature is immune to Mind Influence and effects decreasing its Morale.OffBck


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