Malwen is a hero in Might & Magic: Heroes VII.


Malwen was raised by Lord Salvin, and while many clues point towards the fact she's not his blood daughter, she has chosen to ignore them and make her own truth about her lineage. Salvin himself never addressed the matter, although he has accidentally called her "Eruina" on several occasions.
Malwen was deeply affected by Salvin's death in Karthal, and has vowed to avenge him by all means necessary. She sees the Holy Empire and Wizards as the main culprits, and will stop at nothing to make them pay.
Malwen started to worry about Vayaron's sanity after witnessing the havoc he wrought in Ygg-Chall in Erebos' name.
Realizing Vayaron's growing madness and delusion of grandeur, Malwen tried to wrestle command of the Blades of Erebos from him. The attempted coup was her doom.


Malwen is a Dark Prophet.


Hero Trait
Enlightement Enlightened
The hero starts with the Paragon skill on novice rank and the Enlightened Leader ability.OffBck


Malwen appears in Might & Magic: Heroes VII.

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