Makani is a female Orc Earth Shaper character in Shades of Darkness.


Makani is the Shaman of a minor Orc tribe from the Pao Islands, in the Jade Ocean, but she swears no oath of loyalty to Sharka, believing him accomplice to a cartel of human slavers who took all her brothers to work in the dangerous mines of Kadiss Crevice when she was still a child.
Smart and physically courageous, Makani is suspicious of everyone she meets - especially babyteeth who see the world in too many shades of gray.



Second Necropolis CampaignEdit

The Pall of a Past World: Makani is one of the Pao Orcs pirates who try to stop Vein.


Makani appears only in Shades of Darkness.


Makani has the same background as Airini.

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