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Might and Magic is an Epic Fantasy and Science Fiction franchise by New World Computing and Ubisoft Entertainment.
Jadame - MM VIII
H7 FortressTown
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Jadame - MM VIII
H7 FortressTown
Stonehelm - (DM)

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Pic hero Ivan
Emperor Ivan Griffin was the first ruler of the Holy Griffin Empire. He is also the central protagonist of Might & Magic: Heroes VII.

When the civil wars of the Falcon succession broke out, many saw Ivan as the most intelligent solution to succeed Maeve of Falcon. He was amiable, a proven administrator of state, and possessed a piercing charisma. Though every Duchy could lay a blood claim, and the line of Stag had historically been considered the heir apparent, the choice of Ivan as the successor started gaining momentum, until war broke out. After ten years of war, Ivan is battle-weary and is willing to discuss a peaceful resolution with his last adversary, Seamus of Stag. Nonetheless, he decides to gather his Council one last time to hear their advice before taking his final decision. The Council convinces Ivan only he can rebuild the Empire and restore the nation of Light's past glory.OffBck
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