The Magma Elemental is the upgrade of the Earth Elemental, the fifth-level creature of the Conflux in Heroes of Might and Magic III: Armageddon's Blade. It can be recruited from the upgraded Altar of Earth.

Earth Elementals are forces of Earth Magic. They take no damage from Mind, Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, and Firestorm spells. They take double damage from Meteor Storm attacks. From a source deep beneath the world's surface, roam the Magma Elementals. Slightly stronger than their Earthen counterparts, Magma Elementals can also cast the spell Protection from Earth.OffBck

With every stat apart from hit points upgraded, the Magma Elemental is a decent upgrade over the Earth Elemental. This sturdy creature is a good defender. It can cast Protection from Earth spell on allied creatures.

Magma Elementals have Mind spell immunity. While they are immune to armageddon, lightning bolt and chain lightning spells, they vulnerable to meteor shower one. Finally, it gives +100% to basic damage to air and storm elementals.


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