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The Magistracy of Soronne was a school in the town of Soronne in the Six Shards. It taught its students the ways of the Light, while the school at Murlank taught the ways of Darkness.

The students were men and women of all ages, from preteens to elders, encompassing all civilized races from many different worlds, brought together for the common goal of learning. It was said that "No one who wanted an education and was willing to work was turned away."

The learning center consisted of six towers that formed a circle over a one-mile radius, right in the center of Soronne. Two of the towers were closed, but students were expected to learn from all four open towers, before selecting one of them in order to master its teachings.

Circle of Steel[]

The Circle of Steel was where warriors could hone their arsenal. Commander Lenik was the tower's second-in-command, while Arrak Southerly and Palomar were teachers there.

Tork the Mild's Staff[]

Tork the Mild's Staff was where clerics could strengthen their learning. Telop Vine was a student there.

Shadow Tower[]

The Shadow Tower was where thieves and assassins were instructed. Fahd Mandel was the tower's second-in-command, while Rifflin was a teacher here.

Eldrar's Tower[]

Eldrar's Tower was where mages were taught. Bo was the tower's magistrate, and Lissella Morely was a student here. Praz-El and Bo lived in a suite on the top floor.

Hraldrake's Crossing[]

Hraldrake's Crossing was located in Gathis, and taught students how to travel to other worlds through the Dragon Gates. The tower had been closed for a long time, and when Praz-El learned about its history, he went to explore its ruins. The walls were decorated with beautiful friezes, depicting dynamic battles between dragons and gods.


The forbidden Tower of Dragonskull was located in Turrel. It was home to a prize that Sendark aquired, which he planned to use to increase his own power, but it was not revealed just what this prize was.

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