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In Heroes of Might and Magic for Game Boy Color (in both the first and second versions), magic plays an important role because of the presence of some very potent spells, and due to the hardship of countering them.

The game contains 29 spells, divided in 4 levels based on their relative power.

Learning spells[]

Spells can only be cast by heroes, who record them in their spellbooks. Only Sorceresses and Warlocks start with magic books; Knight and Barbarians have to purchase them at mage guilds.

Spells are usually held in mage guilds, but certain shrines found on the adventure map may also bestow mystical knowledge. A hero visiting a guild or such a site automatically records the spells in the magic book. Unlike all the other Heroes games, a hero can learn all the spells, no matter their complexity, without having to meet any conditions than merely possessing a magic book.

Spell list[]

Level 1[]

Icon Name Effect Type
Bless Bless Causes the selected creatures to inflict maximum damage. Combat spell
Curse Curse Causes the selected creatures to inflict minimum damage. Combat spell
Dispel Magic Dispel Magic Removes all magic spells from all parties in the battle. Combat spell
Protection Protection Magically increases the defense skill of the selected creatures. Combat spell
Slow Slow Slows down even the fastest enemy creature. Combat spell
View Mines View resources ? Adventure spell
View Mines View mines Causes all mines across the land to become visible. Adventure spell

Level 2[]

Icon Name Effect Type
Anti-Magic Anti-magic Prevents harmful magic against the selected creatures. Combat spell
Blind Blind Clouds the inflicted creatures' eyes, making them unable to act. Combat spell
Cure Cure Removes all negative spells cast upon your forces. Combat spell
Haste Haste Increases the speed of any creature to 'very fast'. Combat spell
Lightning Bolt Lightning bolt Causes a bolt of electrical energy to strike the selected creautre. Combat spell
Summon Boat Summon boat Summons the closest empty boat to an adjacent shore location. Adventure spell
Turn Undead Turn undead Instantly sends a group of ghosts back to the grave. Combat spell
View Artifacts View artifacts Causes all artifacts across the land to become visible. Adventure spell

Level 3[]

Icon Name Effect Type
Berzerker Berzerker Causes a creature to attack its nearest neighbor. Combat spell
Fireball Fireball Flaming death strike the ground, huring nearby creatures. Combat spell
Identify Hero Identify hero Allows the caster to view detailed information on enemy Heroes. Adventure spell
Paralyze Paralyze Targeted creatures are frozen, unable to act or retaliate. Combat spell
Storm Storm Magical elements engulf the battlefield, hurting all creatures. Combat spell
Teleport Teleport Teleports a selected creature to any open battlefield position. Combat spell
View Heroes View heroes Causes all Heroes on the land to become visible. Adventure spell
View Towns View towns Causes all towns and castles across the land to become. Adventure spell

Level 4[]

Icon Name Effect Type
Armageddon Armageddon Holy terror strikes the battlefield, damaging all creatures. Combat spell
[[File:|File:]] Dimension door ? Adventure spell
Meteor Shower Meteor shower Rocks shower the battlefield, damaging nearby creatures. Combat spell
Resurrect Resurrect Resurrects creatures from a damaged monster group. Combat spell
Town Gate Town gate Returns the caster to the nearest town or castle currently owned. Adventure spell
View All View all Causes the entire land to become visible. Adventure spell