Empress Maeve Falcon was the last queen of the Holy Falcon Empire, and the last ruler of the human Empire coming from the Falcon Duchy. She was killed in the Fourth Eclipse, an event during which Demons exterminated most members of the Falcon line. She is also a standard hero in Heroes of Might and Magic V.


Brilliant but embattled, Maeve is a dedicated ruler working desperately to pull a doomed empire out of its downward spiral. Trying to salvage a future for the fragmenting Falcon Empire while fighting off a Demon invasion, Maeve has nothing to rely on but her own dedication to the ideals of chivalry and her unswerving faith in the worship of the Dragon of Light.OffBck

Destruction of Holy Falcon EmpireEdit

At the time of the Fourth Eclipse, the gates of Sheogh were temporary shattered, and the Demons stormed Ashan with one goal in their mind: to fulfill an ancient prophecy that heralded the coming of Demonic reign over the world when the last Falcon heir would have perished.

Kha-Beleth sent one of his most loyal generals, Jezebeth, to see to the total extermination of the Falcons. Jezebeth's troops were repeatedly repelled by Maeve; Falcon's Reach, the Empire capital, held powerful magics that protected the Queen.

Knowing she can't win while Falcon's Reach stands, Jezebeth concentrated all her might on conquering and destroying the city. After managing to take the town, she pursued the fleeing Queen and killed her. Despite that, Jezebeth's mission was eventually a failure, because a last Falcon individual, Brendan Falcon, managed to escape the destruction.[1]

After Maeve's death, in 847 YSD, Duke Ivan Griffin became the Emperor of the newly founded Holy Griffin Empire.


Maeve is a Knight.

Abilities Edit

Hero Trait
H5SpecWindrider Windrider
The effect of Haste spell is increased by 1% for every hero level.OffBck

H5BasicCounterstrike Basic Counterstrike
H5BasicLeadership Basic Leadership
H5BasicAttack Basic Attack


Heroes of Might and Magic VEdit



Maeve appears only in Heroes of Might and Magic V.



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