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"When we first met, Lysander had been a teen with web-thin whiskers on his chin. I learned later on that he had only been sixteen when Queen Catherine knighted him. Everyone thought he was older because of his size. Even then he had been strong-willed and single-minded with an idealistic drive to make the world a better place."

King Lysander Gryphonheart was one of the main characters of the Heroes of Might and Magic IV campaign The True Blade, and the founding ruler of Palaedra, successor of the Enrothian nation of Erathia on Axeoth.


Necromancers attacked Lysander's family when he was a child, killing his parents and separating him from his siblings. He was wounded during the attack, and paralyzed for several years. A childhood of impotence has driven this young man to perform great deeds that have culminated in his founding of the Kingdom of Palaedra.OffBck

Even after participating in founding of Paladera, Lysander refused to become its king, as he knew that only the Gryphonheart that wields the Gryphonheart Blade is the only king who can rule the kingdom. However, he did not trust Sir Worton to be the heir and set out to discover the truth about his heirtage. With Proetho on his side, he found he had employed Caileen and Normic, two thieves of Paladera, to keep the gold mines safe and the nobles calm. On this quest, he and his squire Milton met Proetho and Adamus, two priests.

They came to a land of the Oracle, completing series of demanding tasks to come to her. Lysander asked her of Worton's legacy (even if she knew where his siblings could be found). She answered him with a riddle: "To seek the blood, seek the steel. The first step of many, take toward the Wheel." They realizes she was speaking of Wheel, a region that has been neutral to Worton and Lysander, but they fought against Lysander, as he was crossing on their lands. Past the Glen Garrison, Lysander and his troops entered a portal and found Lady Desette, a woman who is mother to Worton and a wife of Sir Kentaine.

Learning this, the heroes set on a quest to rescue Kentaine before Worton's men get him. They found him in a dungeon and set him free, placing the sorcerer, Mastero, instead. Kentaine was grateful and they marched towards Paledon. Proetho learned Worton escaped, so Lysander and Milton marched to a cave. Lysander drew the legendary Gryphonheart Blade (proving his family is of Gryphonheart dynasty) and defeated Worton.

After the civil war, Lysander became the king and Milton his seneschal.


Lysander is a Knight.


The True Blade[]


Lysander appears only in Heroes of Might and Magic IV.



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