Luck is a skill in Heroes of Might and Magic V. It increases the luck of the hero's creatures in combat.

  • Basic Luck increases the luck of all creatures in hero's army by one.

  • Advanced Luck increases the luck of all creatures in hero's army by two.

  • Expert Luck increases the luck of all creatures in hero's army by three.

It also allows heroes to learn these abilities:

Basic abilities Edit

Magic Resistance Edit


Increases magic resistance of all creatures in hero's army by 15%. Creatures are more likely to avoid enemy magic.

Resourcefulness Edit


In the course of adventures the hero tends to find more gold and resources and be more lucky overall.

Soldier's Luck Edit


Guarantees that useful combat abilities of creatures in hero's army (like Squire's Bash) will trigger more often.

Works only with Shield Bash (Squire), Warding Arrow (Master Hunter), Blind (Silver Unicorn), Fear (Nightmare), Whip Strike (Shadow Matriarch), Deadly Strike (Death Knight)

Advanced abilities Edit

Dead Man's Curse Edit


The hero has gained an ability to affect the Luck of enemy creatures. The Luck of all enemy troops is decreased by one. Provided by Swarming Gate and Dark Renewal for Demon Lords, Banshee Howl for Necromancers, and Elven Luck and Rain of Arrows for Rangers in Heroes V, and Banshee Howl for Necromancers and Soldier's Luck for everyone else in Tribes of the East.

Dwarven Luck Edit


Twice the chance to resist enemy spells (only available to Runemages).

Elven Luck Edit


The Luck bonus to damage is increased by 25% (only available to Rangers). Provided by Soldier's Luck in Heroes V and Rain of Arrows, Soldier's Luck, and Resourcefulness in Tribes of East.

Luck of the Barbarian Edit


The hero's army gets +5% Magic Proof for every point of Luck (only available to Barbarians). Provided by Magic Resistance.

Spoils of War Edit


After every combat won, the hero earns a certain amount of money and resources, in proportion to the hiring costs of all killed enemy creatures (available to all heroes).

Swarming Gate Edit


There's a 10-35% (depending on hero luck) chance that the gated stack will summon twice as many reinforcements as normal (only available to Demon Lords). Provided by Soldier's Luck.

Tear of Asha Vision Edit


The hero now 'feels' the location of the Tear of Asha in their very heart. Digging for a Tear of Asha somewhere around its actual location is much more likely to be a success (available to all heroes).

Warlock's Luck Edit


Luck rolls will now be applied to destructive spells cast by the hero, thus allowing a chance for double damage from spells (available to Demon Lords, Rangers, Runemages, Warlocks, and Wizards). Provided by Soldier's Luck for Warlocks in Heroes V and Soldier's Luck, Magic Resistance, and Dark Ritual for Warlocks and Soldier's Luck and Arcane Brilliance for everyone else in Tribes of the East.

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