Lost Lambs is a quest in Might & Magic X: Legacy. This quest is given by Eileen in Eileen's House, Sorpigal by the Sea. You are to find three outlaws, Luke, Ripley and Kirk, and then decide what to do with them.

Find Luke (Shadow Woods) Edit

He's in the Den of Thieves in the Shadow Woods and he is also part of the quest The Highwaymen . (Note: If you talk to Merchant guy in the Itinerant Merchant wagon, he will tell you about Luke.)

Find Ripley (Karthal) Edit

He's in Falagar's Mansion level 1.

Find Kirk (The Crag) Edit

He's standing in the streets of The Crag. 

You can let them go or kill them its all, up to you. There are no in game consequences of letting them go other than you don't receive the items they carry. Report back to Eileen. The only difference between killing them or letting them live is the end-game synopsis where the Narrator tells you the consequences and what became of the Outlaws. If you kill them all - It turns out that all of them are Eileen's sons. When you kill them all and return to her, she tries to justify why she wanted them dead. 

Rewards Edit

500 Exp

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