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Lorelei is a character in Shades of Darkness.


Lorelei was born Human, in the Wolf Duchy. She had a name and a family. But when she and her relatives tried to pass though the cursed forest of Blackbough, a terrifying pack of mad beasts and hideous creatures attacked them. Her parents were slain by the maddened creatures.
Left to her own devices, the girl managed to survive alone in this sinister forest for weeks, proving smarter than the predators stalking her. Her sanity challenged by the ordeal she began to think of herself as Lorelei, after the river nymph of a popular fairy tale of her home duchy.
She was eventually found by Dark Elf scouts following a trail of whispers left by Malassa herself. The Elves instantly understood what had happened, and decided to bring the girl back with them.
Lorelei was eventually marked by Malassa, and became the sole Human member of the Dark Elves’ most prestigious order of assassins.


Lorelei is a Darkblade.



Lorelei only appears in Shades of Darkness.

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