Logistics is a skill in Heroes of Might and Magic V. It gives the hero increased movement.

  • Basic Logistics increases hero's movement speed over land by 10%.

  • Advanced Logistics increases hero's movement speed over land by 20%.

  • Expert Logistics increases hero's movement speed over land by 30%.

It also allows heroes to learn these abilities:

Basic abilities Edit

Navigation Edit


Increases hero's movement speed at sea by 50%.

Pathfinding Edit


Reduces penalty for moving through rough terrain by 50%.

Scouting Edit


Hero receives +4 to their range of view and gets an ability to see precise number of creatures in neutral troops, in enemy armies, towns, and garrisons with their range of view.

Advanced abilities Edit

Death March Edit


All hero's troops gain +4 speed during the siege of an enemy castle (available to all heroes).

Familiar Ground Edit


All creatures in hero's army receive +2 movement speed if the battle is taking place on grass terrain (available to Knights and Rangers).

March of the Golems Edit


All golems under hero's command have their speed and initiative increased by +2 (only available to Wizards). Provided by Pathfinding.

Silent Stalker Edit


The enemy will see only the strongest creature in hero's army with no number at all. Also this ability allows the hero to see the courage of neutral monsters and enlarges hero's field of view by twelve tiles (available to all heroes).

Snatch Edit


The hero spends no movement points to pick up resources, access buildings or boats and other similar actions (available to all heroes).

Swift Gating Edit


The next turn of the unit who performs gating will come twice faster than normal (only available to Demon Lords). Provided by Pathfinding in Heroes V and Consume Corpse in Tribes of the East.

Swift Mind Edit


Hero receives +25% bonus to initiative at start of combat (available to all heroes). Provided by Refresh Rune and Snatch for Runemages in Hammers of Fate, and by Scouting for Barbarians, Demon Lords, Knights, and Rangers, and Scouting and Arcane Intuition for Necromancers, Runemages, Warlocks, and Wizards in Tribes of the East.

Teleport Assault Edit


Hero aquires Teleportation spell and the ability to cast it with assault effect, increasing the initiative of creatures being teleported (available to Demon Lords, Runemages, Warlocks, and Wizards). Provided by Swift Gating and Consume Corpse for Demon Lords, Scouting for Warlocks, and March of the Golems and Mark of the Wizard for Wizards in Heroes V, and Swift Gating and Pathfinding for Demon Lords, Scouting for Warlocks and Pathfinding for Runemages and Wizards in Tribes of the East.

Warpath Edit


The hero gets 350 additional movement points for every victory on the map (available to all heroes).

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