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"I told you to see if he's in the league with the Faceless, not to burn his eyes out!"

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This is a list of items found in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven.


Name Image Cost Required skill Damage Identify / Repair Not identified name In-game description
Longsword 50 gold Sword 3D3 1 Longsword Of simple make and design, this longsword is deadly nonetheless.
Warrior Sword 200 gold Sword 3D3+3 3 Longsword A longsword of superior strength and edge.
Crusader Sword 350 gold Sword 3D3+6 5 Longsword Hammered metal patterns on the blade of this longsword suggest high quality Dwarven manufacture.
Champion Sword 500 gold Sword 3D3+9 7 Longsword An extremely high quality longsword, this weapon is one of no more than one thousand of its kind forged by master weaponsmith Mekorig the Blind circa 780-800.
Lionheart Sword 650 gold Sword 3D3+12 9 Longsword A weapon as rare as it is ancient, this longsword was forged during the Time of Wonders. The process used to forge steel of this quality was lost sometime just after the Silence.
Two-Handed Sword 400 gold Sword 4D5 1 Two-Handed Sword A basic two-handed sword. Thousands of these low quality weapons can be found throughout Enroth.
Great Sword 500 gold Sword 4D5+2 6 Two-Handed Sword Yet another simple two-handed sword, this barbarian's weapon sports a wavy blade and an extra cross piece. Its construction is sturdy and the blade is sharp.
Heroic Sword 800 gold Sword 4D5+8 8 Two-Handed Sword An unusually high quality two-handed sword, this blade is both strong and reliable.
Broadsword 100 gold Sword 3D4 1 Broadsword A common broadsword. These blades can be found throughout the land in the hands of both heroes and villains.
Steel Broadsword 300 gold Sword 3D4+4 4 Broadsword A fine Erathian steel broadsword of excellent quality and edge.
Mighty Broadsword 600 gold Sword 3D4+10 6 Broadsword This broadsword's edge and beauty are enchanted and untouched by time. The blade looks as though it was forged yesterday.
Cutlass 40 gold Sword 2D4 1 Cutlass A cutlass of Goblin manufacture, this blade is as deadly as it is ugly.
Pirate Cutlass 290 gold Sword 2D4+5 3 Cutlass The traditional back-up weapon of the Regnan pirates living on the countless islands east of the island of Mist. These cutlasses were forged by one of a long line of smiths native to those islands.
Master Cutlass 590 gold Sword 2D4+11 5 Cutlass Cleverly concealed initials near the pommel of this cutlass prove this beautiful weapon to be the work of Alec Teling, master smith to Hareck IX, Lord of Regna, and emperor of the Endless Ocean.
Dagger 8 gold Dagger 2D2 1 Dagger A common dagger, favorite of thieves and assassins the world over.
Blood Dagger 100 gold Dagger 2D2+2 2 Dagger Blood Daggers are ceremonial weapons worn by the nobility of Regna. Their popularity has spread in recent years to the nobility of Enroth, and now they can be found throughout the land. Though ceremonial, they are sharp and reliable blades.
Shadow Dagger 150 gold Dagger 2D2+3 3 Dagger Commissioned by Ethric the Mad while still a human, it is said these daggers have a link to the Land of the Dead. They are used in certain magical rituals designed to extend life to unnatural lengths.
Mage Dagger 250 gold Dagger 2D2+5 4 Dagger One of less than a hundred such blades, Mage daggers were carried and forged by members of the Alchemical Alliance roughly 300 years ago in the fires beneath Castle Alamos. It is no longer possible to make a finer blade than a Mage dagger.
Jeweled Dagger 300 gold Dagger 2D2+6 5 Dagger A weapon from the Time of Wonders, this blade is of both extreme age and quality.
Long Dagger 15 gold Dagger 2D3 1 Long Dagger The common long dagger. Bordering on swords, these long daggers are favored by assassins who want a weapon that is both concealable yet has a longer reach than the traditional dagger.
Piercing Dagger 200 gold Dagger 2D3+4 3 Long Dagger The common long dagger. Bordering on swords, these long daggers are favored by assassins who want a weapon that is both concealable yet has a longer reach than the traditional dagger.
Divine Dagger 350 gold Dagger 2D3+7 5 Long Dagger A 'Weapon of the Gods', this weapon was one of the last created before the great forges fell to the Silence in the year 113 A.S (After the Silence).
Hand Axe 30 gold Axe 4D2 1 Axe More of a tool than a weapon, this simple axe will work in a pinch. But don't expect much.
Battle Axe 100 gold Axe 4D2+2 2 Axe Made as a weapon of war instead of a tool, the battle axe is usually employed by barbarians and undisciplined armies.
War Axe 250 gold Axe 4D2+5 4 Axe This War Axe appears to be one of a large shipment of such axes seized by Roland during the Succession War. It was manufactured in Karigor by order of Archibald Ironfist to be used against his brother in their struggle for the throne of Enroth.
Dwarven Axe 400 gold Axe 4D2+8 5 Axe An example of the high quality work done by the dwarves of the Red Mountains, the blade is sharp and the balance perfect.
Supreme Axe 550 gold Axe 4D2+11 6 Axe This weapon surely has a dark history. An axe of this quality is only forged as the personal weapon of a noble Dwarf, and it is never sold or traded away…
Poleax 300 gold Axe 3D7 1 Two-Handed Axe This style of long hafted axe is typically used to deadly effect by Eastern tribes and the elite guard of some members of the nobility.
Heavy Poleax 450 gold Axe 3D7+3 5 Two-Handed Axe A stronger version of the basic Poleax, this weapon is frequently used by city guards and other fighters who don't expect to do battle in large, coordinated groups (like armies).
Grand Poleax 750 gold Axe 3D7+9 8 Two-Handed Axe The blade head of this weapon was obviously created with the aid of magic. It is both unusually sharp and light at the same time.
Spear 15 gold Spear lD9 1 Spear Barely more than a sharpened stick, this spear is still quite deadly. Like all spears, it can be used in one or both hands (+1D9 if used two-handed).
Stout Spear 50 gold Spear lD9+1 2 Spear This spear has a reinforced steel tip to help it penetrate tough armor and hides. Like all spears, it can be used in one or both hands (+1D9 if used two-handed).
Serpent Spear 250 gold Spear lD9+5 3 Spear Decorated with carved serpents running along the shaft, this spear comes equipped with a cross piece designed to prevent impaled foes from sliding along the shaft of the spear and striking a blow at you as they die. Like all spears, it can be used in one or both hands (+1D9 if used two-handed).
Savage Spear 450 gold Spear lD9+9 4 Spear Composed entirely of a rare, bluish metal, the lower half of this spear is wrapped in an expensive leather. A collector's item! Like all spears, it can be used in one or both hands (+1D9 if used two-handed).
Sacred Spear 650 gold Spear lD9+13 6 Spear A smithy symbol and date stamp indicate this spear was made in the magical forges of Governor Padish 12 years before the Silence (+1D9 if used two-handed).
Halberd 250 gold Spear 3D6 1 Halberd Combination poleax and spear, the halberd can inflict terrible wounds, but recovers slowly from swings. This one is of average quality and workmanship (+1D6 if used two-handed).
Massive Halberd 450 gold Spear 3D6+4 4 Halberd Of solid construction, this halberd has a particularly heavy blade. Wielded by a mighty warrior, it could surely be used to slay the toughest of monsters (+1D6 if used two-handed).
Elite Halberd 750 gold Spear 3D6+10 8 Halberd A small stamp on the blade of this weapon indicates it was constructed in the famous Mekorig Foundry by the master himself, Mekorig the Blind. You would be hard pressed to find a finer Halberd anywhere in the world (+1D6 if used two-handed).
Trident 100 gold Spear 2D6 1 Trident Common war tridents, like this one, are good quality weapons issued by the Imperial Regnan Navy to facilitate the collection of Imperial tariffs on the high seas. Most merchants and other governments refer to this activity as piracy…(+1D6 if used two-handed).
Ornate Trident 400 gold Spear 2D6+6 3 Trident A high quality war trident of the style given to officers of the Imperial Regnan Navy. This one was probably taken from the officer during an Imperial Taxation battle that went poorly for the Navy (+1D6 if used two-handed).
Titanic Trident 700 gold Spear 2D6+12 6 Trident This beautiful trident is mostly made of Kergar, a rare, bluish metal that does not rust or lose its edge over time (+1D6 if used two-handed).
Longbow 100 gold Bow 5D2 1 Longbow A simple longbow constructed of common materials and uninspired design.
Elven Bow 200 gold Bow 5D2+2 3 Longbow A weapon only made by the Elves of the great Erathian forests. This one reflects the same high quality workmanship found in all Elvish artifacts.
Precision Bow 300 gold Bow 5D2+4 5 Longbow Etched initials at the base of the bow indicate this bow was made by master bowyer Ivan Selving's workshop during the Timber Wars against the Elves of Erathia in the late 600's.
Magic Bow 400 gold Bow 5D2+6 7 Longbow This bow is composed of strange materials and bound together by subtle enchantments. It is extremely light and accurate.
Stellar Bow 500 gold Bow 5D2+8 9 Longbow Created by stripping the Heavenly Forges of their enchanted parts when they became useless some years after the Silence, very few of these bows have survived the passage of time. What few remain are hoarded by the Elves and individual collectors.
Crossbow 50 gold Bow 4D2 1 Crossbow Crossbows are the deadliest ranged weapons made since the Time of Wonders. This crossbow is made of stout Yew wood and metal fixtures, but is otherwise rather ordinary.
Accurate Crossbow 200 gold Bow 4D2+3 4 Crossbow These crossbows were stockpiled by Archibald just prior to the Succession War for use against his brother. As with most decisions involving death, Archibald chose wisely. These crossbows are amongst the best in the land.
True Crossbow 400 gold Bow 4D2+7 8 Crossbow Equipped with a hand crank and shaft sights, these exceptional crossbows are superior to all that have come before. Just where they are coming from is a mystery at this time…
Mace 50 gold Mace 2D4 1 Mace Little more than a glorified club, this common mace is made of ordinary materials and unexceptional craftsmanship.
Wicked Mace 150 gold Mace 2D4+2 2 Mace Solidly designed to inflict fatal injuries, even through armor. The balance is a little top heavy, but the craftsmanship is good.
Thunder Mace 300 gold Mace 2D4+5 3 Mace This mace is one of thousands turned out by the Heavenly Forges before the Silence. But that was more than a thousand years ago, and not many remain.
Wonder Mace 450 gold Mace 2D4+8 4 Mace Only magic could make such an ungainly weapon so light and yet hit so hard.
Death Mace 600 gold Mace 2D4+11 6 Mace Constructed by the Necromancer's guild just prior to their fall during the Succession War, these unusual weapons are almost always enchanted with powerful magics.
Hammer 120 gold Mace 2D5 1 Hammer A graceless and unimaginative weapon, hammers are slow, but hit very hard. This one is of common construction and materials.
Dark Hammer 300 gold Mace 2D5+3 3 Hammer A step up in construction quality, these hammers are commonly wielded by humanoid monsters. Since everyone knows most monsters don't make weapons, the question 'from where are they getting them?' arises…
Holy Hammer 600 gold Mace 2D5+9 5 Hammer Magically constructed, these hammers are the property of the Church of the Moon in Karigor.
Club 1 gold Club 1D3 0 Club A primitive weapon usable by even the stupidest of monsters. You're not thinking of using this, are you?
Spiked Club 40 gold Club 1D3+3 2 Club An improvement over the simple club, this spiked club will inflict nastier wounds.
Killer Club 100 gold Club 1D3+5 3 Club King of the club family. If this weapon had a knob or ball on the end, it would be a mace. There is evidence of real craftsmanship in this club, but you can see no true identifying marks that would indicate who created it.
Staff 40 gold Staff 2D4 1 Staff The staff is the traditional weapon of the oppressed. This one is unremarkable, and the ruby at the end of it is actually just colored glass.
Emerald Staff 200 gold Staff 2D4+3 4 Staff Magically light and hard, this staff is made of a rare wood stripped from the Elves during the Timber War in 600 A.S. The emerald at the end of it is real, and probably serves as a magical reservoir from which the staff draws its strength.
Power Staff 400 gold Staff 2D4+7 6 Staff This staff, along with others of its kind, was found in the treasure room of the Necromancer's guild after their disastrous defeat by Roland at the end of the Succession War.
Blaster 0 gold Blaster 3D5+8 20 Strange Device A weapon of awesome power, clearly created during the Time of Wonders.
Blaster Rifle 0 gold Blaster 4D5+12 20 Strange Device The finest of personal weapons made during the Time of Wonders, this Blaster Rifle can deal death faster than any weapon you have ever seen.

Armor and clothing[]

Name Image Cost Required skill Armor bonus Identify / Repair Not identified name In-game description
Leather Armor 150 gold Leather 4 1 Leather Armor Lightest and most easily made among the armors, leather armor offers the least protection. This particular suit is of average quality.
Studded Leather 250 gold Leather 4+2 3 Leather Armor Studded leather offers more protection than regular leather armor at the expense of being stiffer and weighing more. This particular suit is well made.
Enchanted Leather 450 gold Leather 4+6 5 Leather Armor An otherwise ordinary suit of leather armor, this suit is imbued with a subtle enchantment that strengthens the material against blows without increasing weight.
Dragon Leather 750 gold Leather 4+12 7 Leather Armor Standard issue leather armor for officers in the Regnan Navy. All such leather armor receives enchantments to strengthen and lighten it during its creation in the Regnan Armories.
Imperial Leather 1150 gold Leather 4+20 9 Leather Armor An extremely rare suit of leather armor created during the conflicts between the Church of the Moon and the Church of the Sun roughly 80 years ago. These suits provide the finest protection available with leather armor.
Chain Mail 400 gold Chain 8 1 Chain Mail Chain mail is an armor formed of small, interlocking loops of metal. This suit is low quality: the metal used is plain iron, there are only two layers of rings, and it is heavy and stiff for its size.
Steel Chain Mail 600 gold Chain 8+4 4 Chain Mail A superior suit of chain mail, the metal used in this suit is steel, and the former owner was careful to keep the suit well oiled and free of rust.
Noble Chain Mail 900 gold Chain 8+10 6 Chain Mail Cavalry officer's chain mail from the reign of Taledon V of Karigor, Divine High Priest and High Holy Conduit of the Church of the Sun, circa 870 A.S. The armor is high quality chain, enchanted to lighten and strengthen the metal.
Royal Chain Mail 1300 gold Chain 8+18 8 Chain Mail Highly enchanted armor worn by elvish nobility and royalty during the Timber Wars of the seventh and eighth centuries.
Majestic Chain Mail 1800 gold Chain 8+28 10 Chain Mail A very rare suit of armor turned out by the Heavenly Forges of Governor Padish before the Silence. The armor was originally worn strictly by the Governor and his highest military officers as a badge of office. It is not just for show; this chain mail is lighter, stronger, and more supple than any other chain in the world.
Plate Mail 1000 gold Plate 20 1 Plate Mail Composed of interlocking plates and joints, plate armor is the best unenchanted armor available. It is, however, heavy and slows the movements of the wearer. This particular suit is of average quality and the smith unknown.
Steel Plate Mail 1300 gold Plate 20+6 6 Plate Mail Well constructed plates of steel work together to form an overall excellent suit of armor. A foundry stamp under the right arm indicates it was forged recently in Kelebrim.
Golden Plate Mail 2700 gold Plate 20+34 12 Plate Mail This suit of plate armor was forged in the Mekorig foundry eighteen years after the death of Mekorig the Blind. A masterwork, the armor is almost as easy to wear as ordinary clothes, and is probably the best armor available in the world.
Kite Shield 200 gold Shield 6 1 Large Shield Formed of stretched hides over a wooden frame, this simple shield provides basic protection against physical attacks.
Tower Shield 300 gold Shield 6+1 3 Large Shield The simplicity of the heraldic design on this shield leads one to believe it was created either by barbarians or goblins. It is made of sturdy materials and should stand up reasonably well in combat.
Castle Shield 400 gold Shield 6+3 5 Large Shield This shield is made of wood framed by iron. It is somewhat heavy for its size, but it should see you through a battle safely—as long as you're not backstabbed.
Celestial Shield 500 gold Shield 6+7 7 Large Shield Made of a lightweight metal, this shield has a foundry stamp from the Kelebrim armory. Though light, the material is very strong, and the metal is welded almost seamlessly.
Olympian Shield 800 gold Shield 6+13 9 Large Shield These shields were forged by the Phynaxian empire during its brief rise to power on the steppes of southern Erathia (790-864). They are made of stalt, a metal that takes well to enchantment, and contributed heavily to Phynaxian military might. Unfortunately, very little of the metal could be mined, and Phynaxia fell in 864 A.S. to an Elvish offensive.
Wooden Shield 100 gold Shield 4 1 Small Shield A small wooden shield designed to protect mostly against arrows.
Bronze Shield 200 gold Shield 4+2 2 Small Shield Bronze shields are lighter than iron shields of the same size, but aren't nearly as strong.
Steel Shield 300 gold Shield 4+4 3 Small Shield Since this shield is made of tempered steel, it should resist all but the most unusual of enchanted weapons.
Spirit Shield 450 gold Shield 4+8 4 Small Shield Spirit shields are ordinary steel shields enchanted through a ritualistic process that can have powerful, albeit unpredictable results. The process is time consuming and requires the undivided attention of at least three masters of Spirit magic.
Astral Shield 750 gold Shield 4+14 5 Small Shield These rare shields were turned out by the hundreds with the aid of the Heavenly Forges to combat rebel forces in the endless string of skirmishes and supply raids that tested (and finally overcame) the Governor's forces in the first century A.S. As with all such equipment, it is light, tough, and is capable of holding the most powerful enchantments.
Helm 60 gold Shield 2 1 Helm An ordinary helm. This one is made of hides stretched over wood. There's no fur or padding on the inside, so your head will probably ring like a bell when struck a solid blow.
Steel Helm 260 gold Shield 2+4 4 Helm This is a common steel helm. The design is a good one and has been used for centuries by warriors all around the world. Best guess is this helm is 50–75 years old.
Guardian Helm 360 gold Shield 2+6 6 Helm This helm design has been used by the Elves of Erathia since before the Silence. It is composed of silver and steel and is very strong.
Defender Helm 460 gold Shield 2+8 8 Helm Half made from the skull of the ferocious Mogred beast in Karigor, these helms grow more uncommon every year as the Mogreds approach extinction. The red stripes around the horns of the helm are highly receptive to enchantment.
Angelic Helm 560 gold Shield 2+10 10 Helm These helms are extremely rare and no one knows where they originate, but they almost certainly come from the Time of Wonders. An extremely fine inscription inside the helm says 'Property of Ship's Store, VARN MCMIV'.
Leather Cloak 50 gold N/A 1 2 Cloak A used leather cloak. It smells faintly of mothballs and dust.
Phantom Cloak 150 gold N/A 1+2 3 Cloak Indigo dye from the Regnan Archipelago was used to stain this wool cloak the color of a summer night's sky.
Elven Cloak 250 gold N/A 1+4 4 Cloak Woven from plant fibers found in the forests of Erathia, these cloaks are the traditional garb of the Elven Rangers.
Cardinal Cloak 450 gold N/A 1+6 5 Cloak A cloak formerly worn by high officials of the Church of the Sun of Karigor prior to the dissolution of the Church in 1083 A.S. Nearly all these cloaks were enchanted in one way or another.
Doom's Day Cloak 750 gold N/A 1+8 6 Cloak A cloak formerly worn by high officials of the Church of the Moon of Karigor prior to the dissolution of the Church in 1083 A.S. Nearly all these cloaks were enchanted in one way or another.
Gauntlets 100 gold N/A 3 2 Gauntlets A steel plated gauntlet of simple make and design.
Knight Gauntlets 250 gold N/A 3+3 4 Gauntlets This gauntlet is an improvement over the simple, inflexible steel gauntlets commonly worn by goblins and brigands. The back of the hand and wrist are solid, while the jointing around the fingers is made of chain links to improve dexterity.
Paladin Gauntlets 450 gold N/A 3+5 6 Gauntlets While lacking in flexibility, this gauntlet has reinforced joints over the knuckles and at the base of the wrist.
Cavalier Gauntlets 650 gold N/A 3+7 8 Gauntlets A high quality gauntlet, it offers both flexibility and protection. The joints are reinforced, yet are 'soft' enough to permit nearly normal hand motion.
Ultimate Gauntlets 850 gold N/A 3+9 10 Gauntlets Dwarven smiths created this masterpiece of gauntlet design. Except for the extra bulk, there seems little difference between this gauntlet and a velvet glove. Clever sliding and rotating plates at the joints and wrist permit full normal hand motion while providing continuous protection at all times.
Leather Boots 50 gold N/A 2 3 Boots Common traveler's boots made with leather and hobnailed.
Steel Boots 250 gold N/A 2+4 4 Boots Heavy steel boots made for solid foot protection in battle. They are uncomfortable to walk in and have a tendency to rust on the inside.
Armored Boots 450 gold N/A 2+6 5 Boots The interior of these steel plated boots is made of leather and cloth to soften the sharp edges on the metal plates. They are a bit heavy and exhausting to wear for extended periods.
Sterling Boots 650 gold N/A 2+8 6 Boots Polished silver boots with velvet interiors, these boots are lighter than steel boots and far more comfortable. They look pretty snappy, too.
Ultimate Boots 850 gold N/A 2+10 7 Boots Dragonhide boots reinforced with molded horn strips and stalt metal rivets. Soft and light, they provide unparalleled foot protection.
Cloth Hat 20 gold N/A N/A 1 Hat A common hat. The material is a blend of cotton and wool, and the feather is from a duck.
Fancy Hat 100 gold N/A N/A 2 Hat Quite fashionable and stylish, these hats are in vogue amongst the upper classes and those seeking to emulate them.
Wizard Cap 200 gold N/A N/A 3 Hat Don't laugh—while silly—even ridiculous—in appearance, many sorcerers spend quite a bit of time enchanting hats like this with powerful magics. The conical shape and 'eyes' in the front of the hat are peculiarly attractive to creatures of the spirit world, and that property makes the hat easier to enchant.
Crown 250 gold N/A N/A 12 Crown This is a poorly wrought crown, the kind that goblins or low budget actors might create to mock royalty. It offers no real head protection, although it may carry some small enchantment.
Regal Crown 450 gold N/A N/A 14 Crown A large, imperfect sapphire is inset in the center of this delicate silver crown. Extremely fine hammer marks suggest this crown was made by dwarven hands.
Almighty Crown 650 gold N/A N/A 16 Crown Crowns of this sort are typically created with the use of magic to enhance their susceptibility to magic. If found with no enchantments whatsoever, the crown was probably left unfinished for some reason.
Leather Belt 40 gold N/A N/A 1 Belt A common strip of leather used to hold up your pants.
Mercenary Belt 100 gold N/A N/A 2 Belt A wide leather belt with a big, flashy buckle of a kind favored by bandits and mercenaries. Both mercenaries and bandits like to have charms or minor enchantments placed on them as battle aids.
Vanguard Belt 225 gold N/A N/A 3 Belt Cured dragonhide and polished bronze are fastened together to form a belt of unusual strength and resistance to magic. Although difficult to work with, these belts can offer excellent protection against magic once an enchantment is successfully laid upon them.
Warlord Belt 450 gold N/A N/A 4 Belt Made of silver and the hide of some unknown creature, this belt is studded with vertical strips of a golden alloy. The buckle is a single, large opal inset in a platinum base.
Sovereign Belt 600 gold N/A N/A 5 Belt Though soft and flexible, the material of this belt is made up of extremely fine strands of white gold. The white gold is braided together by a process too exacting for human hands, and the ruby set into the buckle was perfectly cut by a process long lost in time.


Name Image Cost Identify / Repair Not identified name In-game description
Fine Ring 100 gold 2 Ring A small golden ring with a quarter carat diamond. The style is simple and elegant.
Sparkling Ring 300 gold 4 Ring Two amethysts adorn this plain platinum ring.
Lunar Ring 500 gold 6 Ring A gold ring with a large moonstone set in the center. These rings typically carry an enchantment.
Witch Ring 700 gold 8 Ring Rings such as this one were worn by the Witch's guild to signify membership during their heyday between 550-800 A.S.
Blessed Ring 900 gold 10 Ring The three pearls mounted on a gold base glimmer a faint blue when held out in the sun, offering insight as to the source of their magic.
Valuable Ring 1100 gold 12 Ring A large star sapphire flanked by two smaller rubies decorate an otherwise plain gold band.
Precious Ring 1300 gold 14 Ring Three gems, symmetrically equal in size and quality adorn a hammered gold band. The center gem is a ruby, and the two flanking gems are purple topazes.
Ethereal Ring 1500 gold 16 Ring A hammered white gold ring with a large central diamond and two small pearls, light doesn't fall upon it normally. The ring glitters and fades unpredictably, as though it were lit by an invisible sun shining in an unseen, yet parallel world.
Exquisite Ring 1700 gold 18 Ring Three opals rimmed with a strange red metal are set in a perfect ring of stalt—a very rare metal found only in southern Erathia.
Scarab Ring 2000 gold 20 Ring A gold band adorned with the shell of a rare beetle found only in the deserts of Enroth. Treated properly by an alchemist, these shells can be made to hold the mightiest of enchantments.
Turquoise Amulet 500 gold 2 Amulet A turquoise stone bracketed by a bronze chain and clasp makes for an inexpensive, yet charming amulet.
Gothic Amulet 750 gold 4 Amulet This bizarre amulet was probably created by some alchemist with a distorted understanding of magic. The shape and symmetry help to maintain whatever enchantment he put in it.
Claw Amulet 1000 gold 6 Amulet The ossified foot of some unknown beast or monster has been inset with a huge, imperfect purple topaz. It's not pretty, but it's certainly magical.
Ancient Amulet 1250 gold 8 Amulet This amulet is composed of two pieces: the front piece is an ancient, perfectly cut rectangle of a strong, stainless metal. The backing is a much more recent gold chain and clasp. Careful inspection of the front piece reveals it to be a plaque displaying the name of some long dead soldier or worker. Symbols on the front probably indicate status and rank.
Ruby Star Amulet 1500 gold 10 Amulet A perfect ruby cut in a star shape and bracketed by a golden clasp give this amulet its name. When viewed in dim light, a fiery spark can be seen dancing in the center of the gem.


Artifacts are referred to as "Artifact" before they're identified, cost 20,000 gold, and have an identify/repair skill level of 15.

Name Image Required skill Effect In-game description
Mordred Dagger 2D3+8 damage One of nine such blades in the world, Mordred was made by the Brotherhood in 428 A.S. as part of their first experiments in the development of Dark Magic. Their hope was to find a way to extend one person's life at the expense of another's, but instead of reversing ages, they merely found a way to steal health. (Special Powers: Vampiric)
Thor Mace 2D5+12 damage The origins of Thor are lost in time, but this mighty barbarian weapon is well remembered by military historians. The weapon has been used in battles by many owners for centuries, although its last appearance was at the battle of Shimengard in 902 A.S.. The force of a blow from this hammer is so powerful that it can knock foes several feet back away from the wielder. (Special Powers: Force)
Conan Axe 3D7+10 damage This mighty axe is enchanted to destroy dragons and devils. It has a way of finding an owner who is both likely to come across such monsters and is strong enough to fight them. (Special Powers: Devil and Dragon Slaying)
Excalibur Sword 3D4+12 damage Heavy, yet seemingly light as a feather in skilled hands, Excalibur confers great might upon its wielder. Opponents do not easily walk away from blows struck by this legendary weapon. (Special Powers: +30 Might)
Merlin Staff 2D4+8 damage Traditionally carried by the High Druid, but lost during struggles over religious doctrine, Merlin acts as a reservoir of spell power the wielder can draw upon at any time. Merlin is enchanted with swiftness, and rains blows upon enemies much faster than an ordinary staff. (Special Powers: Swiftness and +40 Spell Points)
Percival Bow 5D2+10 damage Percival was enchanted by the Archer's Guild in 912 A.S. as the prototype in an enchantment process they were developing at the time. Unfortunately, a suspicious fire broke out at the guild hall, ruining the development plans and destroying the exotic materials needed to create more Percivals. The guild never recovered from their losses, and sold Percival to the Elves in 918 A.S.. It has since changed hands many times. (Special Powers: Swiftness and Carnage)
Galahad Chain 6+30 armor Perhaps the finest chain mail created since the Silence, Galahad's material strength enchantments are so strong they are somewhat conferred upon the wearer's body, making it capable of withstanding much more abuse than normal. (Special Powers: Protection and +25 Hit Points)
Pellinore Plate 10+36 armor Named after an ancient knight, Pellinore fortifies the wearer with an unnatural health so strong that the wearer heals from serious injuries in a matter of hours. The armor is quite heavy, and protects the wearer from being knocked about during combat. (Special Powers: +30 Endurance, Hit Recovery, and Hit Point Regeneration)
Valeria Small Shield 4+16 armor Commissioned by King David IV of Erathia during the Timber Wars, Valeria not only shields the user from normal blows, but helps intercept many incoming arrows by magically focusing the wielder's attention on the flight of the missile. The same enchantment that makes the shielding effect possible also increases the wielder's accuracy enormously. (Special Powers: Shielding and +30 Accuracy)
Pendragon N/A 1+10 armor This cape originally belonged to Alastair Blane, Master thief of the Shadow Guild. The cape increased his luck and certain thieving skills tremendously, enabling him to pursue a long and prosperous career. Blane was never brought to justice for his crimes—he was instead killed over a card game for cheating while wearing the cloak to better his chances. (Special Powers: +30 Luck, Thievery, Immunity to Poison)
Lucius N/A 2+12 armor No one knows where or when these magical boots were made, but many tales refer to them turning up in the most unusual places. They grant their wearer superhuman quickness and grace of motion. (Special Powers: +30 Speed)
Arthur N/A 0+5 armor In their endless quest to create the perfect Priest-King, the priests of the Church of the Sun created Arthur and imbued it with the power to heighten the wearer's personal abilities, as well as confer more magical energy. It worked, heightening their King's natural abilities—and his pride. In 1073, Leopold VII started a holy war against the rival Church of the Moon, grinding both organizations into poverty and ultimately resulting in their demise. (Special Powers: 'of the Gods' and +25 Spell Points)
Guinevere N/A 0+2 armor Guinevere was created by the Alchemist Guild under the stones of Castle Kriegspire many years ago. It boosts the magical resources available to its wearer, and eases the use of spells of the Mirrored Path. (Special Powers: +30 Spell Points, 'of Light Magic' and 'of Dark Magic')
Igraine N/A 0+2 armor Lord Solomon Stone had this ring commissioned during his tenure as High Priest of the Path in 1018. It gives a huge boost to a user's ability in clerical magic, as well as access to a good deal of magical energy. (Special Powers: +25 Spell Points and 'of Body, Mind, and Spirit Magic')
Morgan N/A 0+3 armor Though Morgan's origins are unknown, Morgan has had many owners in the last hundred years, all of them unknown before finding the amulet. The amulet is so mighty, as a matter of fact, that any peasant or child that lays hands on it is sure to become a legend in his own time. (Special Powers: +20 Spell Points and 'of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth Magic')


Relics are referred to as "Relic" before they're identified, cost 30,000 gold, and have an identify/repair skill level of 20.

Name Image Required skill Effect In-game description
Hades Sword 3D3+15 damage A powerful weapon said to have been delivered up from the Netherworld in response to the wish of a prolific mass murderer. The weapon inflicts terrible wounds with its razor sharp edge and drips acid constantly. Not only a terrible weapon, the sword bestows the cunning of a master thief for disarming traps and the luck of the devil in escaping the damage they do. Hades draws its power from its wielder slowly and constantly. (Special Powers: +20 Poison Damage, +20 Luck, Thievery, and Negative Regeneration)
Ares Mace 2D4+14 damage A powerful war-mace, Ares burns with fires from the heart of the mountain it was made from. The same magic that causes it to burn with a terrible fire bestows resistance to fire upon its wielder. (Special Powers: +30 Fire Damage, +25 Fire Resistance)
Poseidon Spear 2D6+15 damage This trident is probably what inspired the Regnan navy to adopt the trident as their favorite weapon of war. Poseidon fills its wielder with a frightening battle rage, increasing the wielder's might, endurance and accuracy at the cost of personal safety. So consuming is the wielder's desire to smite his enemies while using Poseidon that he neglects to dodge blows he might otherwise have avoided. On the other hand, dead enemies (usually) don't fight back. (Special Powers: +20 Might, +20 Endurance, +20 Accuracy, -10 Armor Class, and -10 Speed)
Cronos Axe 4D2+14 damage More a magical curiosity than a truly useful weapon, Cronos increases the wielder's vitality fantastically, and decreases his luck by half as much. (Special Powers: +100 Hit Points and -50 Luck)
Hercules Sword 4D5+12 damage A huge sword meant for the unsubtle, Hercules fills its wielder with the strength of a hundred men. In keeping with its 'big and stupid' theme, the sword reduces the intelligence of its wielder while held. (Special Powers: +50 Might, +20 Endurance, and -30 Intellect)
Artemis Bow SD2+12 damage Graced with the might of thunder, Artemus fires bolts magically charged with electricity. While powerful, the user of the bow should be careful—elemental magics seem drawn to the bow, and do more damage when they hit the wielder. (Special Powers: +20 Electricity damage, -10 to Resistances)
Apollo Chain 6+38 armor This unique armor graces its owner with luck, helping him to escape the brunt of most elemental attacks. It draws its energy, however, from the constitution of its wearer, making the wearing of this armor a risky proposition. (Special Powers: +20 to Resistances, +20 Luck, and -30 Endurance)
Zeus Plate 10+44 armor Perhaps this suit of armor was meant only for the Gods. Worn at times by barbarian chieftains, the armor will increase the physical vitality and magical energy the wearer has at his disposal, but at a terrible cost. House plants have been known to score higher on intelligence tests than wearers of this armor. One would think that accidental death would surely follow such a precipitous loss of thought, yet the luck the armor bestows seems to prevent disaster. Often the wearer of the armor becomes so stupid he forgets to remove it. (Special Powers: +50 Hit Points, +50 Spell Points, +50 Luck, and -50 Intellect)
Aegis Shield 6+23 armor Legend has it this shield was given as a gift from the Gods to a man wishing to fight the terrible medusas in their stronghold. The shield is reflective and prevents the wielder from being frozen by the stoning gaze of the medusa. It also carries an enchantment that helps protect against arrows, but the shield is very heavy and will slow the user down a bit. (Special Powers: Immune to Flesh to Stone effects, Shielding +20 Luck, and -20 Speed)
Atlas N/A 1+15 armor Legends say this cape was discarded by a God who became annoyed with the cape's magical slowing of his actions. It confers an incomparable might to its wearer, at a large cost to speed. (Special Powers: +100 Might and -40 Speed)
Hermes N/A 2+15 armor A relic from before the Silence, these boots must conceal some hidden magic as they are very heavy, yet light once worn. They act upon the nerves and muscles of their wearer, heightening his speed and reflexes to inhuman levels, but simultaneously causing inaccuracy and over-compensation. The boots have been owned by many through the ages, all of whom have died from some speed related accident, like running up a hill at blazing speeds and then falling down the cliff at the top. (Special Powers: +100 Speed and -40 Accuracy)
Odin N/A 0+10 armor This crown is a mighty relic that protects against elemental magic attacks of all kinds, but has a flaw that slows the wearer down tremendously. (Special Powers: +50 to Resistances and -40 Speed)
Aphrodite N/A 0+4 armor Desired and sought after by the foolish for ages, this beautiful ring smoothes the skin, clears the voice, and dramatically improves the physical beauty of its wearer, as well as enhancing the personality. The ring also carries a curse of ill luck, and the wearer usually dies of some tragic accident soon after finding the ring. (Special Powers: +100 Personality and -40 Luck)
Athena N/A 0+4 armor Also known as the Scholar's Ring, Athena vastly sharpens and improves the intellect of its wearer at the cost physical might. Though the effect upon the physical body is nearly crippling, most sorcerers find the temptation to wear the ring too great to resist. (Special Powers: +100 Intellect and -40 Might)
Hera N/A 0+6 armor Sometimes referred to as the Amulet of the Fool, this curious relic from before the Silence dramatically increases the personal vitality, magical energy, and luck of the wearer at the expense of personality. While the armor is worn, the face goes slack, the eyes vacant, and the voice subsides to a monotone. (Special Powers: +50 Hit Points, +50 Spell Points, +50 Luck, and -50 Personality)

Miscellaneous items[]

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Name Image In-game description Use
Deck of Fate A pack of cold, heavy Tarot cards. To use, pick the cards up and right-click over a character's portrait.
Gong A small gong, used during temple services.
Horseshoe This flawless horseshoe is made of silver. To use, pick the horseshoe up and right-click over a character's portrait.
Bone A thighbone from a human or humanoid monster.
Crystal Skull A single piece of bluish crystal, carved into the shape of a human skull.
Lodestone A souvenir from the Circus of the Sun. This Lodestone is worth one point at the Main Circus Tent.
Harpy Feather A souvenir from the Circus of the Sun. This Harpy Feather is worth three points at the Main Circus Tent.
Golden Pyramid A prize from the Circus of the Sun. The emblem of the Circus and the word 'Abdul' are faintly etched on the bottom of the pyramid.
Keg of Wine A prize from the Circus of the Sun. The emblem of the Circus and the word 'Abdul' are faintly etched on the bottom of the keg.
Cobra Egg The heavy egg of a large bird or reptile…or monster.
Tooth A large canine tooth from the mouth of some huge beast.
Four-Leaf Clover A souvenir from the Circus of the Sun. This Four Leaf Clover is worth five points at the Main Circus Tent.
Flute A simple wood flute rimmed with silver.
Amber A piece of amber, long hardened and fossilized. The exterior is encrusted with some brownish mineral.
Magic Lamp An oil lamp of the kind genies from the fables come out of.
Horn of Ros A horn from the dragon Ros, killed during the Night of Shooting Stars. This horn enables its owner to more accurately sense the wounds of his opponent.

Quest items[]

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Name Image In-game description Use
Hourglass of Time A fine hourglass made of crystal, framed with teak wood and filled with crushed pearl dust. It is obviously enchanted.
Sacred Chalice A chalice of silver with white gold tracery work detailing the sides and base. A faint, steady humming sound can be heard coming from the cup of the chalice.
The Third Eye A large, flawless, purple gem on a golden base.
Ankh A symbolic item given by priests of Baa to signify the faithful, this ankh is inscribed with the name 'Gerrard Blackames.
Candelabra A silver candelabra etched with symbols of Baa.
Tiger Statuette A tiger statuette. Though highly stylized, there is something remarkably lifelike about it.
Bear Statuette A bear statuette. Though highly stylized, there is something remarkably lifelike about it.
Wolf Statuette A wolf statuette. Though highly stylized, there is something remarkably lifelike about it.
Eagle Statuette An eagle statuette. Though highly stylized, there is something remarkably lifelike about it.
Dragon Statuette A dragon statuette. Though highly stylized, there is something remarkably lifelike about it.
Dragon Claw A claw from Longfang Witherhide's forepaw.
Control Cube A perfectly smooth, metallic cube.
Crystal of Terrax This stone looks like it was cut or chipped off a much larger crystal. A faint light glimmers at the heart of the crystal.
Pearl of Putrescence This large black pearl radiates an unholy aura.
Pearl of Purity This large white pearl is perfectly round and smooth, and always seems cool to the touch.
Tanir's Bell The tone given by this small silver bell seems…wrong. It should be much higher than it is.
Ethric's Skull Ethric's skull tingles almost imperceptibly to the touch, evidence of the powerful magics that have bound his body so long after his death.
Chime of Harmony A set of wind chimes made of brass with copper chains. Etched along the surface of the chimes are symbols of Baa.
Harp A beautifully carved wooden harp.
Spider Queen's Heart A bloody trophy of the wicked Spider Queen.
Cloak of Baa This cloak is coal black with a red logo embroidered in the back. The logo is of a ball pierced by a sword. An ominous symbol…
Dragon Tower Keys A set of keys to the various Dragon Towers in the towns of Enroth.
Key to Gharik's Laboratory A small key.
Key to Snergle's Chambers A small key.
Key to Goblinwatch A small key.
Snergle's Axe The finest Dwarven axe ever created in Enroth, Snergle's name is traced in flowing dwarven runes across the blade.
Lord Kilburn's Shield This battered shield still bears Kilburn's name etched near the bottom.
Memory Crystals
Pouch of Bat Guano This pouch is filled with smelly bat guano.
Fire Amulet Set in gold etched with ancient runes, the ruby heart of this amulet glows faintly.
Jeweled Egg A bejeweled 'egg'. Though it surely has something valuable and fascinating inside, you can't figure out how to open it up to look.


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