This is a list of the Artifacts in Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes.

Sylvan artifacts Edit

Name Image Description
Boost Boots BoostBoots CoH Attack formations gain a PWR bonus for every row traveled across the enemy's field.
Deer Antler DeerAntler CoH Deer formations jump over all enemy walls.
Doubling Cape DoublingCape CoH Increases Fusion attack Power Bonus by 50%.
Dragon Scales DragonScales CoH The Emerald Dragon Goo lasts for an additional turn.
Elder Staff ElderStaff CoH Increase the Druid ability by 1 for each formation linked with that Druid.
Golden Roots GoldenRoots CoH Wall units respawn with 1 HP after they are destroyed.
Leaf Plate LeafPlate CoH Boosts hero HP by 25%.
Ring of Life RingOfLife CoH Revive after death once per battle and regenerate 2% of your max HP every turn after revival.
Treant Sap TreantSap CoH Treant roots leach double the amount of HP from the enemy hero every turn.
Vine Gloves VineGloves CoH Causes wall units to regenerate twice as fast.

Haven artifacts Edit

Name Image Description
Blessed Wing BlessedWing CoH The Angel heals all charging attack formations back to full PWR instead of incrementally.
Crown of Elrath CrownOfElrath CoH Hero's Spell Meter refills 2x faster.
Feathered Helm FeatheredHelm CoH Reduces the charge time of the Griffin by 1 turn.
Golden Spear GoldenSpear CoH The Spearmen's First Strike ability is also applied to wall units.
Holy Blade HolyBlade CoH 20% chance of any of your attack formations dealing a critical hit.
King's Crown KingsCrown Calling for reinforcements does not cost a move.
Knight's Armor KnightsArmor CoH Knight formations start charging at full PWR.
Lion's Mane LionsMane CoH Fused attacks receive an additional 50% of PWR.
Phoenix Feather PhoenixFeather CoH Revive after death once per battle, with 25% of Max HP.
Staff of Elrath StaffOfElrath CoH While charging, the Priestess will hurt the enemy rather than heal the hero.

Necropolis artifacts Edit

Name Image Description
Blood of the One BloodOfTheOne CoH Increases the PWR of the Vampire's Blood Drain attack by 25%.
Blood Ring BloodRing CoH Defeating idle enemy units replenishes the Hero's MP.
Book of the Dead BookOfTheDead CoH Revive after death once per battle after absorbing the PWR of all idle units on the battlefield.
Crown of Thorns CrownOfThorns CoH Enemy Hero loses 2 HP every turn.
Cursed Shield CursedShield CoH Reduces the defensive strength of enemy walls by 50%.
Plague Rat PlagueRat CoH Doubles the poison effectiveness from the Zombies Plague Bite.
Ritual Dagger RitualDagger CoH Deleting an idle core unit will delete a random enemy core in the opposite column.
Spider Cloak SpiderCloak CoH Reduces the Hero's max HP by 75% but increase the PWR of all formations by 75%.
Talon's Talon TalonsTalon CoH Bone Dragons absorb 2x the Toughness of idle units it kills.
Twilight Urn TwilightUrn CoH Increases the PWR of walls created by fallen idle units by 100%.

Inferno artifacts Edit

Name Image Description
Burning Horn BurningHorn CoH The Succubus receives a 25% boost to her attack power.
Celerity Ring CelerityRing CoH Adds 1 extra move per turn.
Chaos Crown ChaosCrown CoH Receive an HP bonus instead of MP when chains are created.
Crippling Flail CripplingFlail CoH Reduces the starting charge PWR of enemy formations.
Magma Shard MagmaShard CoH Abyssal Lord receives 100% of the PWR from fallen formations.
Pit Master's Tail PitMastersTail CoH Reduce the charge time of Pit Fiends by 1 turn.
Rage Shield RageShield CoH Flame damage is applied to enemy formations for an additional row.
Revive Flame ReviveFlame CoH Upon hero death, revive hero once per battle with 5 HP and launches all attack formations at full PWR.
Thorn Whip ThornWhip CoH Nightmares reach their maximum PWR when they are launched in unison with other Nightmares.
Volcano Armor VolcanoArmor CoH Burn damage is applied to enemy units that pass through your charging formations.

Academy artifacts Edit

Name Image Description
Absorb Circlet AbsorbCirclet CoH Receive magic from deleting a wall, equal to the strength of the wall.
Battle Wand BattleWand CoH Begin every battle with full magic power.
Binding Orb BindingOrb CoH Increase LINK bonus by 50%.
Djinn's Sash DjinnsSash CoH Frozen enemy units will SHATTER when struck by a Djinn attack.
Gauntlet Gauntlet CoH Grants the power to grab and place wall units anwhere on the battlefield.
Golden Fist GoldenFist CoH Titan's shockwave attack completely destroys enemy walls.
Mana Shield ManaShield CoH Enemy attacks reduce the magic in the Spell Meter first before affecting HP.
Revival Ring RevivalRing CoH Revive after death once per battle with 5 HP and a full MP Bar.
Scimitar Scimitar CoH Rakshasa Sword Spiral attack power is not affected by idle enemy units.
Transform Gem TransformGem CoH Mages will fuse with any other Mage formation, regardless of the color of that formation.

Multiplayer artifacts Edit

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Name Description
Mists of Obscurity Hero spell icon and charge bar is hidden from the enemy.
Spirit Bugle Units killed in battle are returned to your army. Infinite supply of elites/champions.
Mana Stone The enemy receives no MP from dealing damage.
Tome of War Any remaining moves after skipping a turn are carried over to the next turn.
Valor Medal Earn 2x XP for win streaks.
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