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"Should your choice lead you down the darker path, your goal will be the ultimate transformation that a magical being may pursue – The Lich. Shrouded in mystery, Liches have sacrificed their mortality in exchange for legendary magical skills. As such, they are exceptional users of Elemental and Dark Magic."

The Lich is one of the four ultimate magic classes in Might and Magic IX, the other three being the Druid, Priest, and Mage. It is the only class that can reach grandmaster level in dark magic.


Liches can learn skills to the following levels:

Skill Normal Expert Master Grand
Blade No No No No
Bow Yes No No No
Cudgel Yes Yes No No
Spear No No No No
Thrown Yes Yes Yes No
Unarmed No No No No
Armor Yes Yes No No
Dodge Yes No No No
Shield No No No No
Dark Magic Yes Yes Yes Yes
Elemental Magic Yes Yes Yes Yes
Light Magic Yes Yes No No
Spirit Magic Yes Yes No No
Armsmaster Yes Yes No No
Body Building Yes No No No
Disarm Trap Yes Yes Yes No
Identify Item Yes Yes Yes No
Identify Monster Yes Yes Yes No
Item Repair Yes No No No
Learning Yes Yes Yes Yes
Meditation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Merchant Yes Yes Yes No
Perception Yes Yes No No