The Legion attacking Drake's village

The Legion of the Fallen is an army of undead that appears in Crusaders of Might and Magic. It serves the powerful necromancer Necros, and is described as a "rotting, nefarious, undead army which has been crushing every army, garrison, and troop that stands in its way."

An old book of prophecies known as the Book of Ages foretold Necros' rise, that "your own dead will rise up against you", and that Necros' minions would be "vast and powerful". It also predicted that a hero known as the "Scarred One" would hold the key to defeating them, and that if he was slain, "the Dark Lord will make his dominion of all the world and your own flesh will his demons feed. For the Dark Lord is filled with the cursed powers of necromancy, and his legions of undead will overwhelm all the kingdoms of the world."

The seer Nomandi discovered that Drake was the prophetized "Scarred One".

Creatures Edit

In the PC version of the game, the Legion consists of skeleton warriors, skeleton ghosts, shadows, spectral avengers, dark mages, dark masters, and archmages.

In the Playstation version of the game, it consists of shamblers, the twice born, black guard sentries, black guard heroes, black guard masters, dark mages, dark lords, homunculus fighters, and homunculus casters.

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