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"The Learning skill directly increases the experience a character receives. Every point of skill is a percent of awarded experience that is given as a bonus (plus a starting bonus of 9%."

Learning is a skill in Might and Magic IX that gives characters increased experience. Initiates and Fighters can learn normal learning, Scholars, Healers, Mercenaries, Crusaders, and Gladiators can learn expert learning, Priests, Druids, Assassins, Rangers, and Paladins can learn master learning, and Magi and Liches can learn grandmaster learning.


  • Normal: +1% experience per skill point.
  • Expert: +2% experience per skill point.
  • Master: +3% experience per skill point.
  • Grandmaster: +5% experience per skill point
    (a bug in the game means that the skill level gives +50% experience instead of +5%).