Leanna is a character in Dark Messiah of Might and Magic.


Leanna is a young Wizard of Stonehelm, niece to Menelag and part of the expedition to find the Skull of Shadows. She wishes to retrieve the Skull and use it to defend her city. She becomes Sareth's companion as they search for it.OffBck

Leanna, seemingly unaware of it herself, is the last member of Falcon bloodline, eradication of which is prophesied to mark the beginning of the Demonic rule over Ashan. Losing her parents at a young age, she was taken in by a wizard of Stonehelm, Menelag.

Not knowing about Menelag's allegiance with the demons, she was to lead an expedition for the Skull of Shadows.


Leanna develops a badly hidden crush on Sareth during the game. She also asks him to banish the demonic taint and the spirit of Xana in Ylath's Sanctuary. If Sareth does not (for any reason, even to use the powers in service of the Seventh Dragon) renounce his demonic nature, she will later attempt to slay him at the entrance of the necropolis, despite her crush on him. If Sareth decides to leave her in the Spider Pit, she will return in a form of a lich.