Laurielle is a character featured in Might & Magic: Heroes VI.


A faithful servant of Eltath for twenty-three centuries past, Laurielle is an Angel who survived the Elder Wars, but not before coming face-to-face with Azkaal, the Prince of Destruction, himself.
Manning the battlements of the great flying city Albanora, Laurielle was struck down by the legendary Demon Lord with a searing blow whose memory still haunts her to this very day.
Were it not for the intervention of the magnificent Archangel Michael, she would surely have died on that stony, windswept rampart.
Not surprisingly, her devotion to the Archangel who saved her life is stronger than granite. Wherever he goes, she follows.

Laurielle is a Angel who was tasked to negotiate with the Naga occupying Flammschrein, but had no success.


Laurielle is an Vindicator.


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Laurielle appears only in Might & Magic: Heroes VI.

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