Laszlo is a hero in Heroes of Might and Magic V and its add-on, Hammers of Fate.

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Heroes V Edit

Fighting his way up from a lowly birth with a certain grim resolve, the ordeals that Laszlo has endured have hardened his heart. Covered with scars, stern and ruthless, he hews his way into the enemy ranks like a force of nature. The "kings of battlefield", as he proudly names his infantry, have little choice but to follow their commander, causing - often involuntarily - extraordinary feats of bravery.OffBck

Laszlo was a lowly born citizen living in the Holy Griffin Empire. Proving his skill as both a soldier and a commander, he became a feared, but respected leader of Griffin Empire's infantry.

When Emperor Nicolai died and the civil war broke out in the Empire, he fought under the orders of Empress Isabel. However, when Isabel was kidnapped by Demons and subsequently rescued from Sheogh, the person who returned to the face of Ashan was not the Empress herself, but the Succubus impersonating her, Biara.

The Succubus has twisted his sense of values, transforming his desire to prove his own worth on the battlefield into the thirst for her enemies' blood.

Hammers of Fate Edit

Once a loyal captain of the Griffin Empire, Laszlo's desire for glory was twisted by Biara over a period of a few years. Warping his love for battle into a lust for blood and his search for adulation into a need to be recognised by her and her alone, Biara now has total control over Laszlo's motivations. He is no longer a tough but respected leader of soldiers, but a cruel and demanding officer who views even his own troops as fodder.OffBck

Eventually, he was sent to defeat refugees of the Griffin Empire, Lord Caldwell and Archbishop Randall who left to Irollan during the alliance of Empress Isabel and Markal. Along with Archbishop Alaric and Freyda Unicorn, he was to arrest the traitors and bring the cousin of Emperor Nicolai, Andrei back to the Empire.

Faced with their refusal during the negotiations, Freyda and Laszlo invaded the lands of Irollan in order to capture the rebels. Their armies however, were significantly weakened by the Elven Hunters, who supported the deserters. In order to drive out the Elven armies from the safety of their forest, they captured the villages of peasant refugees on the Irollan's border grounds. After defeating the armies under the command of Elven Rangers, they marched into the training grounds of the rebel forces.

After defeating the rebels, he extracted information about Prince Andrei from one of his former colleagues - the boy had been sent to one of the leaders of the rebellion, Duke Duncan of the Stag Duchy. With this piece of information, Griffin armies set off for Horncrest, Duke Duncan's capitol.

During the march however, the matters complicated further, when the freshly recruited troops of Empress Isabel's Red Church began to see the citizens of the Stag Duchy as Demons. Seeking to eliminate the scourge, Laszlo and Alaric began to burn cities and villages to the ground, leaving only a few survivors.


Laszlo is a Knight of the Haven faction.

Hero Trait
H5SpecInfantryCommander Infantry Commander
All Footmen, Squires and Vindicators in hero's army gain +1 to their Attack and Defense for every two levels of the hero, starting on first level.OffBck

Heroes V and Tribes of the East Edit

Skills Abilities
H5BasicCounterstrike Basic Counterstrike
H5BasicDefense Basic Defense H5Vitality Vitality

Hammers of Fate Edit

Skills Abilities
H5BasicCounterstrike Basic Counterstrike
H5BasicAttack Basic Attack H5Tactics Tactics


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