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Larn, a Pure-blood Elf from Vori, was an inhabitant of the ancient city of Volee, the centuries-old lost town that held the Sword of Frost in it's treasury. Together with Vol, he was one of the captains with the duty to defend Volee and the Sword within from external attacks.

He appears as an antagonist in The Protectors of the Sword, the last mission from Heroes Chronicles: The Sword of Frost.


Like Vol, Larn was a Volee born, and thus he viewed both Gelu and Tarnum as enemies because of their goal to obtain the Sword of Frost. While Vol remained to guard the city, Larn preferred a more offensive approach, and took the field against Gelu and Tarnum.

Larn's role in the storyline, however, remains a minor one. He is not mentioned in the text messages at all, and is just another opponent that needs to be faced before completing the Heroes Chronicles: The Sword of Frost game.

In-game background[]

Larn biography is simply "Larn".


Larn appears exclusively in The Protectors of the Sword, where he is a high-level Barbarian. Larn begins with 100.000 experience points, enough to make him start at Level 21. He has no starting artifacts, spells or creatures. Larn starts with 12 Centaurs and 9 Battle Dwarves. His skills are random.

Larn is based on Crag Hack, and has his specialty. He is the only Pure-blood appearing in the game who doesn't belong to the Rampart.


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