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A Wizard-King of the Empire of Bracaduun, Kurl was also the imperium's military commander, dealing in the affairs of the Wasteland. He was the only Wizard-King who took an active role in Heroes Chronicles: Warlords of the Wasteland.


Descendent of the great Barbarian King Jarg, he despises his heritage and does everything he can to distance himself from it. Hence, he endured the torments of his fellow students to become a Wizard. Now, he rules over the same Barbarians he hates.OffBck

Like Tarnum, Kurl was descended from Jarg the Conqueror, though abhorred his heritage, instead joining Bracaduun's ranks. During his service, he developed a reputation for his cruelty and inhumanity towards his former people, though the truth behind his lineage remained secret.

When Tarnum's army ravaged several Bracaduun settlements, Kurl captured the four bards - the last barbarian sages - and imprisoned them in his Tower. In exchange for their life, he demanded that of Tarnum's, imposing an ultimatum. To press his point, Kurl killed the eldest Bard in the weeks after his initial proclamation, confident of Tarnum's impending surrender.

Instead, Tarnum amassed a force, stole into the Tower and attacked the Wizard-King on home ground. "We dominated his army - the courtyard was red with the blood of the Mages. I reached Kurl's private chambers only to find him cowering there, begging for his life. Despite having killed the eldest Bard, Kurl had refrained from slaying the other three, and Tarnum allowed him to return to Bracaduun with his life. Kurl later commanded the Battle of Steelhorn, and was presumably killed when Tarnum took the city.

Kurl made a further appearance in Tarnum's alternate reality nightmares during his conquest of the Underworld with Erathia. In one nightmare, after taking the Tower, he slaughtered Kurl on the spot as the Wizard begs for mercy, as Kurl had already hanged the three remaining Bards in his private garden, irrevocably destroying a part of Barbarian heritage.


Kurl is a Wizard.


Hero Trait
BallistaH3 icon.png Ballista
Increases the Attack and Defense skills of Ballista for each Level attained after 4th level.OffBck


Warlords of the Wasteland[]

  • Ultimatum: Tarnum needs to defeat Kurl for imprisoning the bards.


Kurl appears in Heroes Chronicles: Warlords of the Wasteland and is mentioned in Tarnum's dreams in Heroes Chronicles: Conquest of the Underworld.

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