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Kunyak, also known as the Liberator, is a Barbarian character in Tribes of the East.


Child of a created race, Kunyak boils at the horrific conditions in which his people live. Treated as slaves and viewed as no more "human" than the Wizards' golems, the Orcs cannot tolerate this treatment. Kunyak dreams of something else; of finding a place and building a homeland where Orcs live or die by their own hands, in freedom. He is convinced that the only hope for his people is to make this dream a reality.OffBck

Son of Malathua, the orcish rebel against the wizards, Kunyak is a legendary orc chieftain who fought his way from the Falcon Empire to find an orc village, Kukali, where the orcs settled. Kunyak's strength rose, defeating the "Steel Men" and drove them back to the Empire. Though the knights returned, with Batu's advice, Kunyak found the Cup of Thunder and destroyed the fleet of the Empire, allowing the orcs to form a single state where they could've been free of slavery. Kunyak's power was remembered by all orcs and most battles, if not all, carry in his name.



Hero Trait
H5SpecBladeOfTheKhan.png Blade of the Khan
Slayers, Executioners and Chieftains in hero's army gain +1 to their Attack and Defense for every two levels of the hero, starting on first level.OffBck

Skills Perks
H5AdvancedBloodRage.png Advanced Blood Rage H5PowerfulBlow.png Powerful Blow



  • Battle Cry Freedom: Kunyak goes to liberate the orcs, meaning he has to fight the Falcon knights.
  • The Cup of Thunder: Kunyak has to find the Cup of Thunder to help in his quest to stop the orcs from being enslaved once and for all.


Kunyak appears in Heroes of Might and Magic V add-on, Tribes of the East, and is mentioned by some characters in Might & Magic: Heroes VI.

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