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Kujin is a Barbarian character in Tribes of the East.


Kujin is a shaman, an Orc mystic whose insights into the ways of Mother Earth and Father Sky give her access to powerful visions and magics. Beyond this, however, Kujin's natural intelligence and diplomacy have made her a respected leader as well. Tactful, wise, and learned, the Orcs say that her sole default is a lack of a sense of humour...OffBck

Kujin is the shaman of the tribe. Before Gotai was a Khan, she spoke with the tribe about three omens. Later, she helped Gotai in any way she could, whether as a warrior or diplomat. She went to the local tribes and gathered orcs for Gotai, as their new Khan. She went through the mountains (where she faced many challenges) and met an omen of the Spider, with whom she discussed that the Queen of the Griffin Empire was replaced by a demon. She came to Gotai to warn him and fight demons.

She and Gotai met Zehir, who told them about fighting in Sheogh with Kha-Beleth and gave them Kunyak's staff. With this, Kujin and Gotai marched towards Talonguard, where they helped him cleanse the kingdom from demons. She returned with Gotai to act as Gotai's advisor and shaman of the tribe.



Hero Trait
H5SpecDemonHunter.png Demon Hunter
If any demonic troops are present in combat, creatures in hero's army gain Demonic Rage more quickly.OffBck


Skills Perks
H5BasicBloodRage.png Basic Blood Rage H5MemoryofourBlood.png Memory Of Our Blood
H5BasicEnlightenment.png Basic Enlightenment


Rage of the Tribes[]

  • A Murder of Crows: Kujin tells the tribe about three omens that appeared in her dreams - a Spider, a dragon man and a demon. Despite her warnings, Quroq charges in to slay the humans and rescue fellow orcs from the mines.

The Will of Asha[]

Beasts and Bones: Kujin speaks to Lord Arantir and they make a truce, to fend off the demons in the Griffin Empire.

To Honour Our Fathers[]

  • Collecting Skulls: Kujin starts the tournament, sending Gotai and Kragh to pillage the human villages and return to become the leader of the tribe.
  • One Khan, One Clan: Kujin goes on a diplomatic mission to negotiate with the tribes' leaders.
  • Mother Earth's Wisdom: Kujin will have to go through the mountains to meet up with Gotai.

Flying to the Rescue[]

  • Dark Ways and Deeds: Kujin goes with Gotai to speak with Zehir and tell what is happening in the Griffin Empire.
  • A Flamboyant Exit: Kujin and Gotai assist Zehir in defeating the Inferno towns near Talonguard.


Kujin appears only in the Heroes of Might and Magic V add-on, Tribes of the East.

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