Kragh is a Barbarian of the Stronghold faction in the Tribes of the East expansion of Heroes of Might and Magic V.


Kragh has been compared to "dry lightning", thunderbolts that appear out of nowhere when the sky seems clear. He first received this nickname when an enemy he was dueling with was knocked weaponless outside the ring even before he had finished yelling his ritual challenge. Impetuous and aggressive even by Orc standards, his speed and intensity drive him to attack even before his own troops are ready.OffBck

Hero Trait
H5SpecPounder Pounder
This hero can perform one special melee attack right at the beginning of combat. Moreover, all hero's attacks deal +5% damage for every level of the hero.OffBck

Skills Edit

Skills Abilities
H5BasicBloodRage Basic Blood Rage
H5BasicAttack Basic Attack H5BattleFrenzy Battle Frenzy

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