Kraal is a character in Might & Magic: Heroes VI and Might & Magic X: Legacy.


Heroes VI Edit

Warchief of the Whitespear Clan from Redskull Island, Kraal proudly traces his lineage back to the first Orc tribes who rebelled against their Wizard creators and have wandered Ashan, rootless, ever since.
A wily, tenacious leader, Kraal is unshakable in his belief that, as Father Sky has decreed, his clan is entitled to the harsh, mountainous lands where they currently reside – lands that form part of the Griffin Duchy.
Slava, the Duke of Griffin, considers him as his friend, and asked him to become the master-of-arms of his five children.
Caught in the middle of bitter enmities that exist between House Griffin and House Wolf, Kraal has become a skilled player in diplomacy, but hides this well by playing up to Orc stereotypes of limited intelligence, hot-headedness, and violent tendencies.
Dice and other games of chance are his only indulgence.

Kraal was born on Red Skull Island (part of Pao Islands) where he lived most of his life. When Toghrul decided to join the Demons, he was detached to fight them in Holy Falcon Empire. There he joined a human hero named Slava Griffin.

Might and Magic X Edit

Kraal is the mighty Orc Chieftain of the Whitespear Clan, Sandor and he came to the peninsula to attend a wedding. He can be found in the tribal house (43,15) in the Desolate Wilds.


Heroes VI Edit

Kraal is mostly seen as talkative character, but it is revealed in Towards the Within scenario that he is a Barbarian.


Tutorial CampaignEdit

  • Griffin Bane: Slava meets Kraal when fighting Demons in a nearby villiage.
  • The Emperor's Will: Slava must defend Orcs against Duke Gerhart and defeat him.

Stronghold CampaignEdit

Necropolis CampaignEdit

Sanctuary CampaignEdit

Might and Magic X Edit

He is willing to promote a Berzerker to Warmonger. Only a brave and fearless warrior can beat the Kai Pao and bring glory to himself.


  • His voice in Heroes VI is different in Towards the Within scenario.


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