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Knight haven

The Knights are Haven hero class in Heroes of Might and Magic V. They are protectors of the Holy Griffin Empire. They draw their power from Dragon of Light, Elrath. As in Freyda's case, some of them have been trained by some institutions.

Primary skill: Training (known also as Counterstrike).

Primary abilities: Retalitation Strike, Expert Trainer, Benediction.

Advanced abilities Edit

Attack: Retribution (requires Expert Trainer), Power of Speed (requires Retribution, Weakening Strike and Last Stand)

Defense: Stand Your Ground (requires Vitality), Last Stand (requires Stand Your Ground and Aura of Swiftness)

Sorcery: Arcane Excallance (requires Benediction and Arcane Training)

Enlightenment: Graduate (requires Scholar), Wizard's Reward (requires Graduate)

Leadership: Divine Guidance (requires Retalitation Strike), Aura of Swiftness (requires Divine Guidance and Benediction)

Luck: Tear of Asha Vision (requires Resourcefulness), Spoils of War (requires Tear of Asha Vision and Wizard's Reward)

War Machines: Triple Ballista (requires Ballista and Retalitation Strike)

Logistics: Familiar Ground (requires Pathfinding), Death March (requires Expert Trainer and Familiar Ground)

Light magic: Guardian Angel (requires Master of Blessings), Refined Mana (requires Guardian Angel and Benediction)

Dark magic: Fallen Knight (requires Master of Curses), Weakening Strike (requires Aura of Swiftness and Fallen Knight)

Summoning Magic: Elemental Balance (requires Expert Trainer and Master of Conjuration)

Destructive Magic: (requires Master of Fire and Expert Trainer)

Notable Knights Edit

Unstoppable Charge Edit


Unstoppable Charge is the Knight racial skill. It requires the following skills and subskills:

Heroes V Edit

Tribes of the East Edit

With Unstopppable Charge, the hero's Retaliation Strike ability inflicts triple damage.

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