The Kingdom of Enroth was one of the nations on the continent of Enroth, on the planet Enroth.


The kingdom was founded by Morglin Ironfist shortly after he arrived on the planet from VARN-4. He had to face three dangerous opponents to remain on his throne: the sorceress queen Lamanda, the barbarian lord Slayer, and the warlock lord Alamar. Managing to overcome all three, Morglin ruled the land in peace for twenty-five years.

Shortly after his death, his sons, Roland and Archibald Ironfist, began a civil war for control of the kingdom of Enroth. After much blood had been spilled, Roland was victorious, and Archibald was turned to stone as punishment for his crimes.

Like the rest of the planet, the kingdom of Enroth was destroyed during the Reckoning.

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