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The King of the Ogres was an Enrothian leader who reigned over the Ogres during the Second War of Enrothian Succession. During Archibald's campaign from Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars, he allies himself with Archibald Ironfist's forces if the player completes the Slay the Dwarves scenario. However, the canonical outcome of this mission is ambiguous.


Upon completing the Slay the Dwarves mission (in which the objective is to shatter the alliance between Rocklin and Roland Ironfist), the player is informed that the King of the Ogres, pleased by the blow delivered to his Dwarven enemies, will aid Archibald for the rest of the campaign. The player receives the Ogre alliance award, which will render all Ogre and Ogre lord stacks on the map friendly (i.e. they will offer to join the player's heroes when encountered).

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