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King-of-the-Hill is the ninth scenario of the A Strategic Quest campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest. It is the final scenario of the campaign.

In-game description[]

Final victory lies within your grasp - but the defeated warlords have pooled their last resources and have banded together against you. If you can bend the dragons to your will and force them to side with you, all the other warlords will submit and the land will be yours to rule. Capture the Dragon Citadel on the central island and victory is yours!OffBck


The map itself is relatively well-balanced between the four combatants. The catch is that whichever faction the player is controlling, the other three are allied against it and will only attack the player's faction, not one another. This three-against-one situation puts the player at an obvious disadvantage, and it's possible to get overwhelmed. However, the player need not actually defeat these opponents; the primary objective is to take the Dragon City in the center of the map, and once this is done the scenario ends in instant victory. The optimal strategy is to simply play defense and focus on building up a large army that can take the primary objective--the computer players will completely ignore Dragon City, so there's no risk of a competitor reaching it first as in Gateway. It is very well-defended--landing on the island with Dragon City will trigger a clash with an army of 99 Griffins, and the Dragon City itself is protected by five stacks of four Dragons each--so a powerful army with a strong hero is required.