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King's Bounty series
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Early concept art for Quest for the DragonBone Staff by Brian Kemper.
Developer New World Computing (1990, 2001)
Katauri Interactive (2008-present)
Publisher New World Computing (1990)
The 3DO Company (2001)
1C Company (2008-present)
Genre Tactical role-playing
First release King's Bounty (1990)
Latest release King's Bounty: Dark Side (2014)

"We know that the dragon Arech Dragonbreath leads our opposition. We know where he is. It is time to end counsel. It is time for action."
King Maximus[src]

The King's Bounty series is an unofficial grouping of three video games directly based on and inspired by the concepts introduced in King's Bounty, a 1990 turn-based strategy game created by Jon Van Caneghem and developed by New World Computing. Aside from the original title, the series also consists of Heroes of Might and Magic: Quest for the DragonBone Staff - a 2001 remake by New World Computing under the Heroes of Might and Magic brand name - and King's Bounty: The Legend, Katauri Interactive's 2008 reimagining of the original concept. 1C Company, the publishers of King's Bounty: The Legend, currently own the King's Bounty intellectual property.

Unlike the Heroes of Might and Magic sister fork, the King's Bounty titles revolve more closely around RPG elements, exploration and tactical role-playing than involved strategy; the player controls only a single character instead of multiple heroes or settlements. In each installment, the player is presented with a single free-roaming gameworld; undergoing quests for a monarch, fighting villains and growing in personal power are pivotal recurring aspects throughout the three games.