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King's Bounty: Dark Side is a 2014 video game developed by 1C-Softclub. It takes place in the same setting as King's Bounty: The Legend and its sequels.

While in previous games, the protagonists were the heroes of the land, all protagonists in Dark Side belong to evil races, like orcs, vampires, and demons. Baghyr is an orc warrior, Daert is a vampire mage, and Neoline is a demoness paladin.

After losing the battle of Tristerm, the orcs saw their homeland plundered by elves. Humans invaded Atrixus, land of demons, and vampire hunters drove the Morton vampire clan from their castle. The three protagonists flee from their respective enemies, and meet in the Black Cave, an ancient place where the forces of light once imprisoned the Ancient Evil. They forge an alliance and decide to help each other free their homes.

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