Kilghan is a half-Orc, half-Goblin Barbarian of the Stronghold faction in the Tribes of the East expansion of Heroes of Might and Magic V.


Miscengenation is a taboo subject among the Orcs. Somehow, though, the sub-species of Goblins and Orcs mingled to provide the ruling line of Goblin lords. Smaller than Orcs, smarter than goblins, Kilghan and his kin accentuate the most dangerous aspects of both peoples. Goblins are eager to fight for him, and those that do are much less likely to flee if the battle turns against them.OffBck

Hero Trait
H5SpecGoblinKing Goblin King
The number of Goblins in the hero's army increases weekly by an amount equal to the hero's level. The joining goblins will not be upgraded unless there already are upgraded Goblins in the army, and all upgraded Goblins will be joined by Goblin Trappers. Also, the Goblin's chance to betray the hero will be reduced by 1% per hero level.OffBck

Skills Edit

Skills Abilities
H5BasicBloodRage Basic Blood Rage
H5BasicLeadership Basic Leadership H5Recruitment Recruitment
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