Kibwe is a hero in Might & Magic: Heroes VII.


Kibwe is old by Orcs standards, having been the messenger of Mother Earth and Father Sky for more than fifty years. Kibwe has shared Malathua`s outrage at the way Orcs were treated by the Wizards, Jengo`s bloodrage following the death of his family, and Kunyak`s dream of a world where Orcs would be free. Kibwe would have followed Kunyak beyond the Jade Ocean, but that would have meant abandoning those who chose to stay behind. Kibwe is old, but he intends to not die before the Desert Orcs find hope again.OffBck


Kibwe is a Shaman.


Hero Trait
Stone Skin Adept H7 Stone Skin Adept
The hero starts with Earth Magic skill on novice level and with Stone Skin spell.
The spell is casted on one level higher than the current level of this school.


Kibwe appears only in Might & Magic: Heroes VII.

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