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Kastore is a character in Shades of Darkness and Might & Magic X: Legacy.


Shades of Darkness Edit

Bored by the immutability of Elven culture and traditions, the impatient and ambitious Kastore left Tuidhana's realm at a young age to study magic in the Seven Cities. He became an honorary member of House Anima, but was gain unsatisfied and frustrated by the teachings of the Academy of Magic and left before graduating to any significant rank. He then returned to Tarlad, only to realize his people had changed more than he had. The irony of the situation was not lost on Kastore, who at first embraced the alliance with Malassa and the Faceless wholeheartedly, seeing them as the key to greater knowledge and thus power.

A few wars later, Kastore is not so sure anymore. So far, the powers of Darkness have proven weak and to him Malassa’s whispers have become more an annoyance than an asset. Kastore is starting to believe the Dark Elves should forge better alliances, and is trying to get the clanlords to admit this fact. But once again, things are not moving fast enough for the impatient Elf. If his advice keeps falling on deaf ears, maybe it will be time for him to get rid of the clanlords and take things into his own hands.


Kastore is a Magic member of the Dungeon faction. As such, his default class is Sorcerer. While his Dynasty character is listed as a Dark Prophet, he may be developed however the player chooses when used in a game.


Hero Trait
Spellweaver H6 Spellweaver
+ 2 Hero Magic Power.OffBck


Kastore appears in Shades of Darkness and Might & Magic X: Legacy.

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