Jeddite is a hero in Might & Magic: Heroes VI.


Jeddite was a powerful Wizard with an affinity for Fire magic. His love for all things burning grew to become an obsession, to the point where the other Wizards began to think of him as dangerous. It wasn’t long before Jeddite became a servant of Abaddon, the Demon Prince of Destruction. One day, while staring at the fire consuming his master’s tower (with his master still inside it), Jeddite had a vision of a knight in fiery armor. The man presented himself as Kha-Beleth, the Prince without a throne, and said he had plans for the fallen Wizard. Kha-Beleth removed Jeddite from the path of mindless Destruction to make him a servant of greater goals instead. Some say on this occasion Jeddite saw what was hidden under Kha-Beleth’s helmet, but he has always refused to comment on this rumor. Jeddite is now building a secret society of worshippers of Chaos inside the Seven Cities.OffBck


Jeddite is a Warlock.


Jeddite appears only in Might & Magic: Heroes VI.

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