Javed is a character in Might & Magic: Heroes VI.


Javed sought knowledge on the ancient Shantiri civilization in his efforts to recreate animated constructs, considered their most impressive works of magic. The necessity to build a servient army for the protection of the Seven Cities had become apparent since the revolt of the Orcs and the evasion of nearly all of their Beastman slaves. From the ruins of Irollan to the underground caverns of the Savage Sea, Javed traveled as much of Ashan as the famous explorer Aguirre, whom he met one sunny afternoon for mint tea in a tavern in the Free City of Hammer Fall.
Aguirre and Javed, both impassioned by their individual quests, became friends and it is said that they were perhaps the only friend either one of them ever truly made. After a long and heated debate, Javed saw the potential for protecting the Seven Cities with the creation of Undead armies. Though not as religiously dedicated as Aguirre, he quickly mastered the power to animate Skeletons and Ghouls, and is considered the expert in this domain by the cultists of the Spider Goddess. It is said that upon Aguirre's destruction, his ghost paid Javed a final visit, promising to meet him again in the next life.


Javed is a Necromancer of the Necropolis faction. While his Dynasty character is listed as an Embalmer, the player may develop him however they choose. His specialization, Spirit Walker, increases his maximum Mana by 40.


Javed appears only in Might & Magic: Heroes VI.

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