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Jarg the Conqueror was a legendary Barbarian king of Enrothian lore who reigned over southern Antagarich centuries prior to Heroes Chronicles: Warlords of the Wasteland, between the eras of The Crossing and the Silence.


Before Jarg's time the majority of central and southern Antagarich was ruled by the Wizard-Kings of Bracaduun, with his people subjugated to their laws. During his youth, Jarg united all the tribes in the desertified highlands of western Antagarich (known as the Wastelands) against the exploitation of Bracaduun, becoming the first Barbarian King. According to lore, Jarg's horde was the strongest ever mustered in the known history of the continent. With his mighty army he mamaged to destroy the Empire's domination over Antagarich and conquered their realm from ocean to ocean.

Jarg ruled wisely for long years, but after he passed away from old age, his sons started to fight for the throne. Their foolish squabble caused the splitting and weakening of the Barbarians' domain, and the Wizard-Kings easily restored themselves to power. Though once mighty, the Barbarians were soon reduced again to imperial slaves. For the ensuing centuries, the Wizard-Kings attempted to wipe the story of Jarg from living memory in order to perpetuate his descendants' obedience and despondence. However, the legend was retained and kept alive by the Bards.

After long years of slavery, one of the last bards, dying, told the story of Jarg to a young Barbarian shepherd named Tarnum. Inspired by his forebear's conquests, Tarnum began a second uprising against the Empire of Bracaduun in hopes of restoring his culture to their former glory. Tarnum followed the steps of the mighty Jarg, and was successful in his crusade against the Wizard-Kings.

Over a thousand years later, following the Reckoning, Jarg's memory continued to live on in the hearts of his descendants - on Axeoth, his name was invoked during Waerjak's crowning, where he was referred to as one of the Barbarians' greatest ancestors.


Jarg is mentioned in Heroes Chronicles: Warlords of the Wasteland and Heroes of Might and Magic IV.

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