Jangbu is a character in Shades of Darkness.


Schooled by the decedents of the ancient masters of Murahido Island, Jangbu is a Deep Naga who has spent his entire life readying himself to become a perfect warrior. Blades, tactics, honour; these are his steady companions. The scars of bamboo strikes across his knuckles are a constant reminder that a warrior must never lose his focus, and he looks upon the marks, if not with pride, for pride is a weakness, then at least with quiet dignity. He would gladly give his life to protect his daimyo, Lord Hiroshi.OffBck



Dungeon CampaignEdit

The Quest of the Unknown Tear: Jangbu guards a minotaur stack. Raelag has to defeat him in order for the stack to be allowed to join him.


Jangbu appears only in Shades of Darkness.


Jangbu has the same background as Toshiro, but he serves Oshiro.

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