The Isle of Pyre is the first scenario in the Masters of Magic campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic IV: The Gathering Storm.

"Bohb's quest to assemble Nevar's lost artifacts begins on the isle of Pyre. He has enlisted the aid of an old friend, Violet, in return for helping her reunite the clans of her barbarian tribe. Together, they must quell the barbarian uprising on Pyre, and defeat the druidess Eradawn for the first of Nevar's artifacts."

Information Edit

"Bohb, in his campaign against Eradawn, druidess of Pyre, has enlisted the aid of Violet. Together they need to quell the barbarian uprisings in the south, and defeat Eradawn in the west to claim the first of Nevar's artifacts."

Aided by his old adventuring partner Violet, Bohb the Archmage managed to aquire the Wayfaring Boots, and defeat the barbarian uprising.

Strategy Edit

Bohb and Violet start out with a Stronghold. There are two enemy towns, the green Preserve and the red Stronghold. There are also two neutral towns, one Preserve and one Stronghold. The Preserve is likely to be captured by the green player long before Bohb reaches it.

Right outside the starting Stronghold, there's an Apprentice's Handbook. Bohb already knows the basic magic schools, so the book allows him to use every first-level spell. He should still seek out every Shrine of magic, since the book won't carry over.

Southeast of the town, there's the College of Nature Magic, protected by a few phoenixes. It has a Magic University, a Library, a Tree of Knowledge, a Nature Magic Conservatory, and a couple Altars of Nature. Most spells available on this map are nature magic, so he should focus on that skill for now - with third of fourth level nature spells, the next scenarios will be easier.

As soon as Bohb has built up enough of an army to defeat the Phoenixes and enter the College, he should do so, and then head south to take care of the red player - he is less defended than the green one, and can be an annoyance if not taken care of.

Note that the map ends when Bohb aquires the Wayfaring Boots, so he should avoid engaging Eradawn until he's gotten every level, skill, and spell he can. Taking the Preserve town will allow him to use the magic guilds.